untold stories from a slacker

zoom zoom lunacy cover study 1

First album cover study that I did for the zoom zoom lunacy band although I didn’t manage to finish it because I lack time and I don’t have my PC right now. Too bad.

But then again, there is still next chance.



  rainbowdaze wrote @

galing galing!

  rainbowdaze wrote @

bro, pa-try din na kita sa first study ung korning name ng banda… salamats.. ; )

  KiLLsHiT wrote @

parang mas trip q to…

  KiLLsHiT wrote @

pero maganda silang dalawa… ayus!

  KiLLsHiT wrote @


  fatfingur wrote @

thanks mga guys. di pa naman yan yung pinakafinal eh. di bale… txt nyo lang ako pag nakadecide na kayo mga guys.

  rainbowdaze wrote @

pa-try din daw po na hindi eroplano yun, kung ispeyship po kaya?parang blink182 daw kze…hehe… pnta kami ni je studio sunday… meet tau?

  fatfingur wrote @

k meet na lang tayo ng sunday… text nyo ako

  nimbuseiko wrote @

uhmm.. astig.. mganda.. sbi nga kung airplane eh gawing space shuttle… para mukhang papuntang moon.. pra lunahteeekk!!! ehehehe.. galeng galeng mo papa.. ehehe…

  gorgeousgrace wrote @

hey fatfingur!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, having a crush is so fun. And to reply you, I have never been to the Phillipines.


  gorgeousgrace wrote @

Hi fatfingur

Thanks for visiting my blog…yes it is so fun to have crushes but better still if your crush have a crush on you too and things work out. Hey I am really impressed with your art pieces. Wish I could paint or draw like u!


  leanordfrie47485798 wrote @

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  karla wrote @

zoom zoom lunacy!
kasali yan sa red horse muziklaban dati ah 🙂

  daene wrote @

wow love your work! really cool. post some more of them! hehe 🙂 keep it up!

  GoGolfer wrote @

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  Idetrorce wrote @

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