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NU Rock Awards 2006 (este 2005 pala) on MYX

I just watched the recent NU Rock awards on MYX and I didn’t like how they captured the event. I mean the sound you hear from the TV is very lame. I can’t even hear the guitar and sometimes I can’t hear the bass. Is that how poor Pinoy technology is?

Well look. MYX is a music channel and they can’t even give the viewers a real “musical” sound. I mean they should have used mixers or equalizers in capturing the musical event. Well what the heck. Anyway here’s how they showed it on TV.

Bamboo opened the event with their anthemic “halleluiah”. Yeah as usual Bamboo made a lively opening act again. I don’t know who came up next but anyway here’s what I remember. Imago’s Aia de Leon didn’t play her guitar but instead she went onstage like a rockstar and made that embarassing dancesteps in fron of the camera. I was an Aia fan beforeshe made those embarrassing dance steps. Yael Yuson of Sponge Cola won the Best Male award. What the heck is that award? I think Yael Yuson was awarded by DJ Joey(?) and Cheska Garcia. Cheska even announced that Steven Tyler was his favorite rock icon but when the fat lady asked her about what she thinks about Chris Cornell, you know what Cheska Garcia said? “Habang may buhay?”. Dumb ass. Maybe she’s referring to Wency Cornejo. Does it sound like Chris Cornell?

Mig Ayesa was on the show too. He was accompanied by the great Buddy Zabala, the short Mr.-Guitar-Know-it-All NU DJ Francis Reyes and Dawn’s Drummer(forgot what his name was). I think I saw Urbandub but MYX had to cut their song early. Stupid mutherfuckers. They could’ve showed the whole Urban Dub song instead of Mig’s. Same thing happened to Sandwich and a lot of other good bands. Their songs have to be cut. I wonder why. What I really enjoyed watching on the show was Junior Kilat. they were fuckin awesome. I almost died laughing at their cool frontman. He was pointing his cane at the audience like it was some kind of Machine gun. Astig.