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NU Rock Awards 2006 (este 2005 pala) on MYX

I just watched the recent NU Rock awards on MYX and I didn’t like how they captured the event. I mean the sound you hear from the TV is very lame. I can’t even hear the guitar and sometimes I can’t hear the bass. Is that how poor Pinoy technology is?

Well look. MYX is a music channel and they can’t even give the viewers a real “musical” sound. I mean they should have used mixers or equalizers in capturing the musical event. Well what the heck. Anyway here’s how they showed it on TV.

Bamboo opened the event with their anthemic “halleluiah”. Yeah as usual Bamboo made a lively opening act again. I don’t know who came up next but anyway here’s what I remember. Imago’s Aia de Leon didn’t play her guitar but instead she went onstage like a rockstar and made that embarassing dancesteps in fron of the camera. I was an Aia fan beforeshe made those embarrassing dance steps. Yael Yuson of Sponge Cola won the Best Male award. What the heck is that award? I think Yael Yuson was awarded by DJ Joey(?) and Cheska Garcia. Cheska even announced that Steven Tyler was his favorite rock icon but when the fat lady asked her about what she thinks about Chris Cornell, you know what Cheska Garcia said? “Habang may buhay?”. Dumb ass. Maybe she’s referring to Wency Cornejo. Does it sound like Chris Cornell?

Mig Ayesa was on the show too. He was accompanied by the great Buddy Zabala, the short Mr.-Guitar-Know-it-All NU DJ Francis Reyes and Dawn’s Drummer(forgot what his name was). I think I saw Urbandub but MYX had to cut their song early. Stupid mutherfuckers. They could’ve showed the whole Urban Dub song instead of Mig’s. Same thing happened to Sandwich and a lot of other good bands. Their songs have to be cut. I wonder why. What I really enjoyed watching on the show was Junior Kilat. they were fuckin awesome. I almost died laughing at their cool frontman. He was pointing his cane at the audience like it was some kind of Machine gun. Astig.



  jaleesa wrote @

hi ff. thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog entry. rock dude ka pala. mahilig kasi ako sa rnb music. i met bamboo when i went home 5yrs ago. nice guy… webdesigner ka pala. galing naman! i’ll try to visit your site again. ingatz

  beegee wrote @

hey, im an URbandub fan! i read what uv wrote.. and i also have the same sentiments.. well in relation to Myx’s lame and fucking oh so corny hosted awrds night..
you can view my comments on some Myx Awards night on this site:

(the longest comment on that forum that is..)


  nisshen wrote @

fatfingur, i have packing tape here if you can’t keep ur mouth shut. this one could be a help!!

  budoy wrote @

myx sucks!!!!

  Steve wrote @

Sana s susunod n NU ROCK Awards, mga rakista na ang magmanage
Wag na sana clang pakialaman ng MYX!!!!!!!!!!!!! URBANDUB, TYPECAST, DICTA LICENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Astig

  Dexter wrote @

typecast? oh-ow… they just copied their name, the cover of their album, and even the style of the packaging from an american band of the same name… it’s a shame you have included them in your wishlist

  poLeen_ni_miggy wrote @

wAaAaAhhhh… sYang di aKo nKapunTa… dKo 2Loi nkta c MIGUEL CHAVEZ!!!!!!!!!!

  fatfingur wrote @

Ok lang yun.

  fatfingur wrote @

nisshen on Sep 19th, 2006 said:
fatfingur, i have packing tape here if you can’t keep ur mouth shut. this one could be a help!!

This is a free country. We are fee to voice out our opinions. Thanks for the comment though.

  iwasthere wrote @

idiot. that was 2005.

  bartpotpot wrote @

Nakakatuwa naman ang inyong mga komentaryo. Di pa ako ever nakapunta sa NU Rock Awards. Pano, lagi na lang ata masungit ang panahon tuwing gaganapin yun, hehehe. Pero kinahihiligan ko talaga ang Rock. Sana maka attend naman na ako next year.

Tungkol sa Typecast, wala akong pakialam kung nanggaya sila ng kungsinumang pontio platito jan pero nung tumugtog sila sa Los Baños astig talaga sila. May magaling din na banda sa Sta. Rosa. Piledriver ang name. Sana makasali rin sila sa mga ganitong events.

Sayang naman si Junior Kilat! Dapat makita ko silang tumugtog!

Papuntahin na nga lang rito ang MTv at magcover ng NU Rock Awards para malaman nilang jologs ang karamihan sa mga banyagang musika.

Mabuhay ang Pinoy!!! \m/

  bartpotpot wrote @

Kaarawan ko pa naman tuwing Disyembre a-dos. Dapat i-treat ko naman ang sarili next year! Bwahahaha!

  fatfingur wrote @

idiot. that was 2005.

Thanks iwasthere for the correction. 😀

  andrea wrote @

sana po mas tangkilikin pa po ntin c yael kc lahat po ng hinahanap pra mging 1 ganap n star nsa knya na po gwapo at magaling kumanta…lalo na nung kinanta nya ung crazy for you at nakapagtataka……grabeh…….yael ang lakaz tlga ng hatak mo lalong lalo na sa mga kabataan……galingan m p yael ah….wg lalaki ung ulo moh hmMmM….cute mo tlga…….kapag my mall show ka sa sm manila o sa sm san lazaro cgurado nandun akoh….sna mg mall show k dun…..

  ashley wrote @

nyahahahahahahahahahaha wala lang!

  ashley wrote @

nyahahahahahahahaahh! la lang poh!

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