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Monday the 13th

Hello world? Well what should I say? I guess this is my first post and I’m not expecting anyone to find this blog right away and read this my posts.

I’m here coz I wanna try out the new WordPress. Well what can I say? I think it’s damn good. I also like the cool dashboard. I’m building a website, and I’m planning to put a lot of content… I’m planning on making a photo gallery. Anyone out there who can tell me what photo gallery should I use with wordpress. Yes you are right. I’m gonna use WordPress for my website.

So guys, can you tell me which photo gallery plug-in should I use. Here are my specs:

  • multi-user
  • file upload
  • image commenting
  • page customization
  • script can be integrated into front page or any page
  • mysql and php


  Atariboy wrote @

I saw the best thing for you a few weeks back, but i cant remember it at all now!

It was similar to flickr, but open source and skinable too.

Maybe try searching digg.com for gallerys

  fatfingur wrote @

Hey thanks Atariboy! I’m looking forward for your new website!

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