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K2 Stencil Art World Tour and Competition

Last night, me and hosu, another one of my hometown buddies, went straight to Eastwood, Libis after a whole day of work. We went there to witness the K2 Stencil Art World Tour and Competition. Fremantle was there in person to create another one of his masterpieces, a stencil artwork of a moroccan lady. "Q" Jefferson was right with him to do his stuff. He painted a white K-Swiss shoe, with red, blue and yellow… familiar eh? The colors of the Philippine flag. I don't know if he knew that but what he did was totally cool.
There were a lot of people last night. There were lots of girls too. Damn. I also saw the guys from electrolychee. I saw guys wearing Grapistang Pinoy t-shirts. I'll add to this later… I'll have to go…

(I haven't finished writing this post but here is the continuation anyway.) I also saw K-Swiss shoes decorated and painted by top artists from around the world. I saw a shoe designed with a ballpen by a Taiwanese artist. It was displayed on the exhibit area. I've also seen stencil art contest pieces. Number 15 was cool and I think it won the competition. Well that's exactly it. I wish I could remember everything but I was really tired form work so I went home at around 10. Another night ended with something leearned.


Blast Beat

Last Saturday, I was sent by my boss to Sound Weavers Recording Studio, his studio located in Pasong Tamo, to assist my hometown buddy Monmon in the recording of two bands Final Vow and End This Day.

Recording sessions are exciting but tiring. Your whole body gets tired and your ears bleed – well, it depends. It was freezing inside the studio. Well sort of. It was 17 degrees inside the main control room. I was there to help Mon fix and set-up cables. The studio is Protools-based which means the music tracks are mixed using a computer, preferrably with a Mac which works faster than PC in terms of audio editing and rendering. I used to experiment with music, and record my band’s own songs. That was before I got a job in Makati as a Web Designer. I was using Adobe Audition 1.5 (the former Cool Edit Software) which was cheaper and works like Protools. You can’t use Protools with the software alone. You must at least purchase an MBox, Digi 002, or Audiomedia soundcard – these are the Protools hardwares. Recording is easier now and cheaper than before because it’s digital and you can do it at the comfort of your own room and home PCs. But having a sound-mixing software isn’t enough to make you a sound engineer. You must have the ear for music, the talent and of course your own music.

Well anyway, after the recording, Mon and I went straight to Saguijo, again. On our way there, we saw a stupid guy punching his girlfriend like she was some kind of punching bag. We could’ve helped the girl if we weren’t riding a taxi. When we reached the place, we saw Buddy Zabala and Raymund Marasigan outside If we were earlier we could’ve seen Cambio, Happy Meals, Twisted Halo and Day One Movement. Sugarfree was on stage when we arrived. Yeah. Ebe, the band’s main man was drunk again. Kjwan was next and the last band to perform. I didn’t really see them because the place was too crowded. I didn’t even had a chance to go inside. Well, just like what I’ve said before, the place is small. So we just sat outside and ordered my favorite pulutan – sisig. I saw a lot of personalities that night (including myself) like the infamous Sib from Jack TV (his new show The Jack Yard). The fat lady designer who got sick and was evicted from PBB was there too. I don’t know her name.

We emptied 5 bottles of hard beer each. We left the place and waited for a cab. I went home slightly intoxicated and went straight to sleep.

Fly like a Unicorn

fly like a unicorn. lumipad na parang unicorn.

This is the effect of thinking about too much horse racing websites.

As Cities Burn!

It’s tuesday night. What’s on TV? Well I aint watchin right now. Maybe later after this post.

I was browsin, the web when I came across this kick ass screamo band – As Cities Burn! Shit! I’ve never heard something like this since The Used came into the rock music scene. This is one energetic and loud band. You may find out why here. The singer screams like hell. That’s what I love about screamo. All the screams come out from within the soul of the singer. Shit. This post makes me miss my band.

Anyway, check out their website and listen to their songs. I just wish that they’ll release their album Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest here in the Philippines .  I’m gonna buy their album… or if it’s not available here, I’ll  just download  it!

Murder By Design!

It’s my first time in Kamias, QC and I’m with my officemate Raffy Galope looking for 70’s Bistro. We dropped off a taxi in front of Mc Donalds Anonas. It was past lunch time and I was getting hungry so we went straight to Mc Do and I ordered a 5 piece chicken nugget while Raffy ordered some shit in a wrapper.

After eating our unhealthy meal, we started looking for the place. It was 2 PM when we started walking Anonas Street and asking some locals for directions. I approached a tricycle driver and he showed us directions, “Just walk staight ahead and when you get to the second vulcanizing shop walk across the street and that’s the place.” We did what Mang Tricyle man said and after a few minutes we were there.
We were so early but it’s ok we had the best seats in the house.

The symposium started 30 minutes late but it was all good. The first two speakers were interesting but they had to cut their talk due to lack of time. The next speakers were few of the top Pinoy designers. It was started by Liza I don’t know her last name who introduced to us Liga Grafika, a new online community based site. Cynthia Bauzon, one of its founding members weren’t there but Liza showed us a video on how Cynthia nailed out the Ultraelectromagnetic Jam album cover.

Team Manila stood up next on stage to present their works and explain how they came up with such designs. Their secret? I just wish you’ve been there. Electrolychee, composed of a marcushiro and bru explained what illustration design is all about. It’s like hitting two birds with one bird. Well that’s what they said. They used hand drawn stick people for their presentation.

If you thought that only designers attended the conference, you’re wrong. There was an intermission by Mojofly, Kitchie Nadal’s old band. They lullabyed us with two songs. zzz… but I love their singer. She’s hot!

The next group of designers were headed by Aram and Drew. They are Blackflood. The last speaker was Jason Arquiza representing Pagedown. If you haven’t heard yet, Pagedown was an online pdf magazine for Filipino designers. I think they’re planning to exterminate pdf with their flash executable file. I don’t agree with that. They still should use pdf for online magazines like this and not just swf or exe files.

Well anyway the conference ended at exactly 9 PM. I had 7 bottles of light beer. We came home with a loot bag. Inside the loot bag was a Murder by Design t-shirt, MBD stickers, mugs, and many more. I also had my small MBD poster signed by the speakers and top designers like Drew Europeo, Berg, the whole Team Manila, Aram, Electrolychee, Stan and my crush, Bel. Raffy Galope and I went straight to EDSA. I rode a bus to Pampanga and Raffy went home.

Murder by Design was brought to us by Philweavers. The rest is history.

fatfingur goes to My Bro’s Mustasche

Thursday nights are boring so I decided to invite my brother to go out and have a few bottles of light beer. After searching for some nice place to get slightly drunk, we ended up at a place called My Bro’s mustache. It’s located at Sgt. Borromeo St, Quezon City. The place was small but neat and you’ll get to see famous Pinoy folk singers sing their heart out.

Chikoy PuraPlaying on stage was Chikoy Pura, the vocalist of The Jerks, one legendary band from the Philippines. He was good and can sing well. He was playing alone with his acoustic guitar singing to the tunes of Fleetwood Mac, Billy Joel and some old stuff. One song I remebered that he played was “Landslide” from Fleetwood Mac. It was the song Billy Corgan played on Smashing Pumpkin’s Siamese Dream album.

Overall, the night was cool and I went home slightly intoxicated and my brother was slightly normal and was able to drive us back home. Although it took him so long to down one bottle of light beer.

When I laid down to rest, I closed my eyes and slept.

fatfingur meets Paramita at Saguijo!

ParamitaLast night, my hometown buddies, Monmon and Tops went to Saguijo, a small nice place located at Guijo St., Makati City. Although the place is small, the people are cool and the bands are great. The beer costs 45 pesos plus 10 percent tax – Pay as you order man!

The first bands who played were great. But what I enjoyed was the last band, Paramita, a 3 piece band composed of one cool lady who is the drummer and vocalist of the group and 2 guys on guitars and bass. Better check out their website to know more about them.

After they played I talked to Ria, Paramita’s vocalist and she sure is pretty in person. She’s really great and a really good drummer. If you compare her to the other male drummers, those male drummers would bow to her. She has a great sense of timing and coordination. And she doesn’t miss a beat even though she sings while she’s busy banging of the drums. Well all I can say is you better watch out for her.

Well anyway, I went home drunk and the rest is history.