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fatfingur meets Paramita at Saguijo!

ParamitaLast night, my hometown buddies, Monmon and Tops went to Saguijo, a small nice place located at Guijo St., Makati City. Although the place is small, the people are cool and the bands are great. The beer costs 45 pesos plus 10 percent tax – Pay as you order man!

The first bands who played were great. But what I enjoyed was the last band, Paramita, a 3 piece band composed of one cool lady who is the drummer and vocalist of the group and 2 guys on guitars and bass. Better check out their website to know more about them.

After they played I talked to Ria, Paramita’s vocalist and she sure is pretty in person. She’s really great and a really good drummer. If you compare her to the other male drummers, those male drummers would bow to her. She has a great sense of timing and coordination. And she doesn’t miss a beat even though she sings while she’s busy banging of the drums. Well all I can say is you better watch out for her.

Well anyway, I went home drunk and the rest is history.



  karla wrote @

paramita rocks 🙂
and they’re really nice 🙂
been friends with them before they were formed 😀

  Laarni wrote @

ive been there to Saguijo, too. astig nga eh. tas smoking is unallowed inside. it doesnt make my long black hair smell like shitness. hehehe.

Yay at Paramita. i love them. i so love hiling.
waaaaa im so jealous you saw them live.


  ria bautista wrote @

glad you liked our set that night! 🙂
and thanks for your review!

rock on! 😉

  fatfingur wrote @

wow! the real ria bautista, Paramita’s vocalist and drummer, read my post. No problem ria! I’d always love supporting the local music scene. Keep on making cool music!

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