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fatfingur goes to My Bro’s Mustasche

Thursday nights are boring so I decided to invite my brother to go out and have a few bottles of light beer. After searching for some nice place to get slightly drunk, we ended up at a place called My Bro’s mustache. It’s located at Sgt. Borromeo St, Quezon City. The place was small but neat and you’ll get to see famous Pinoy folk singers sing their heart out.

Chikoy PuraPlaying on stage was Chikoy Pura, the vocalist of The Jerks, one legendary band from the Philippines. He was good and can sing well. He was playing alone with his acoustic guitar singing to the tunes of Fleetwood Mac, Billy Joel and some old stuff. One song I remebered that he played was “Landslide” from Fleetwood Mac. It was the song Billy Corgan played on Smashing Pumpkin’s Siamese Dream album.

Overall, the night was cool and I went home slightly intoxicated and my brother was slightly normal and was able to drive us back home. Although it took him so long to down one bottle of light beer.

When I laid down to rest, I closed my eyes and slept.



  jhay wrote @

the jerks rock! I have some of their original songs back from the 80’s, “Kundiman” and “Bitterly” some of the best OPM songs i’ve ever heard!

  jhay wrote @

erratum: 90’s pala, hehehe

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