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Murder By Design!

It’s my first time in Kamias, QC and I’m with my officemate Raffy Galope looking for 70’s Bistro. We dropped off a taxi in front of Mc Donalds Anonas. It was past lunch time and I was getting hungry so we went straight to Mc Do and I ordered a 5 piece chicken nugget while Raffy ordered some shit in a wrapper.

After eating our unhealthy meal, we started looking for the place. It was 2 PM when we started walking Anonas Street and asking some locals for directions. I approached a tricycle driver and he showed us directions, “Just walk staight ahead and when you get to the second vulcanizing shop walk across the street and that’s the place.” We did what Mang Tricyle man said and after a few minutes we were there.
We were so early but it’s ok we had the best seats in the house.

The symposium started 30 minutes late but it was all good. The first two speakers were interesting but they had to cut their talk due to lack of time. The next speakers were few of the top Pinoy designers. It was started by Liza I don’t know her last name who introduced to us Liga Grafika, a new online community based site. Cynthia Bauzon, one of its founding members weren’t there but Liza showed us a video on how Cynthia nailed out the Ultraelectromagnetic Jam album cover.

Team Manila stood up next on stage to present their works and explain how they came up with such designs. Their secret? I just wish you’ve been there. Electrolychee, composed of a marcushiro and bru explained what illustration design is all about. It’s like hitting two birds with one bird. Well that’s what they said. They used hand drawn stick people for their presentation.

If you thought that only designers attended the conference, you’re wrong. There was an intermission by Mojofly, Kitchie Nadal’s old band. They lullabyed us with two songs. zzz… but I love their singer. She’s hot!

The next group of designers were headed by Aram and Drew. They are Blackflood. The last speaker was Jason Arquiza representing Pagedown. If you haven’t heard yet, Pagedown was an online pdf magazine for Filipino designers. I think they’re planning to exterminate pdf with their flash executable file. I don’t agree with that. They still should use pdf for online magazines like this and not just swf or exe files.

Well anyway the conference ended at exactly 9 PM. I had 7 bottles of light beer. We came home with a loot bag. Inside the loot bag was a Murder by Design t-shirt, MBD stickers, mugs, and many more. I also had my small MBD poster signed by the speakers and top designers like Drew Europeo, Berg, the whole Team Manila, Aram, Electrolychee, Stan and my crush, Bel. Raffy Galope and I went straight to EDSA. I rode a bus to Pampanga and Raffy went home.

Murder by Design was brought to us by Philweavers. The rest is history.



  Euri wrote @

Team Manila stood up next on stage to present their works and explain how they came up with such designs. Their secret? I just wish you’ve been there.

I’m dead very very impressed about that firm! 😉

It’s fun to see people who are part of a well known firm throught the Philippines but still, symposiums, conferences, seminars and the like makes me all sleepy no matter how interesting the topic could get. 😦

  Noelle De Guzman wrote @

I’m a member of Philweavers too, so I’ve been hearing about MBD for a while now. 🙂

  Euri wrote @

Got your link up. 😉

  Hildz wrote @

Yup! I really had fun din! Sobrahhh! Sana MBD 3 na!

  karla wrote @

astig nakapunta ka dyan
di na ko nakapunta dyan
something came up kasi

  jhay wrote @

’70s Bistro, sure miss that place…when I moved out of QC last year….I always looked forward to Wednesday nights, Noel Cabangon will perform, nothing but good original Pinoy music..

  ade wrote @

my brother was there! he was one of the “Team Manila Fanboys” (well, who wouldn’t be?)… dapat talaga pumunta ako. sayang.

  Euri wrote @

Thanks. 😉

  Laarni wrote @

oh, thanks for sharing. btw, i love mojofly!

hey neat site. 😉

  fatfingur wrote @

Hey thanks!

  ness wrote @

you like their designs? you should check out http://www.threadless.com

  fatfingur wrote @

you like their designs? you should check out www.threadless.com
Yeah. I’m also a fan of threadless.

  rachel wrote @

kapatid ko ba yan? si raffy from proj 8?

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