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As Cities Burn!

It’s tuesday night. What’s on TV? Well I aint watchin right now. Maybe later after this post.

I was browsin, the web when I came across this kick ass screamo band – As Cities Burn! Shit! I’ve never heard something like this since The Used came into the rock music scene. This is one energetic and loud band. You may find out why here. The singer screams like hell. That’s what I love about screamo. All the screams come out from within the soul of the singer. Shit. This post makes me miss my band.

Anyway, check out their website and listen to their songs. I just wish that they’ll release their album Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest here in the Philippines .  I’m gonna buy their album… or if it’s not available here, I’ll  just download  it!



  dheysie wrote @

oh so emo

  ade wrote @

emo goodness! hahahaha!

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