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K2 Stencil Art World Tour and Competition

Last night, me and hosu, another one of my hometown buddies, went straight to Eastwood, Libis after a whole day of work. We went there to witness the K2 Stencil Art World Tour and Competition. Fremantle was there in person to create another one of his masterpieces, a stencil artwork of a moroccan lady. "Q" Jefferson was right with him to do his stuff. He painted a white K-Swiss shoe, with red, blue and yellow… familiar eh? The colors of the Philippine flag. I don't know if he knew that but what he did was totally cool.
There were a lot of people last night. There were lots of girls too. Damn. I also saw the guys from electrolychee. I saw guys wearing Grapistang Pinoy t-shirts. I'll add to this later… I'll have to go…

(I haven't finished writing this post but here is the continuation anyway.) I also saw K-Swiss shoes decorated and painted by top artists from around the world. I saw a shoe designed with a ballpen by a Taiwanese artist. It was displayed on the exhibit area. I've also seen stencil art contest pieces. Number 15 was cool and I think it won the competition. Well that's exactly it. I wish I could remember everything but I was really tired form work so I went home at around 10. Another night ended with something leearned.



  Laarni wrote @

As’tig ah. :p

  an2net wrote @

Hay. I so regret I wasn’t able to watch the event. 😦

I was at the province. Heard it wasn’t good though.

And it drizzled-rain…

  alieksjii wrote @

Here are some links that I believe will be interested

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