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Ultraelectromagnetic Party!

It was April fools day, me and my girlfriend were supposed to go night swimming. She was driving and we were looking for a nice resort but all of them were occupied and full of people who just wanna enjoy the water. Yeah, talk about the summer heat. So I took the wheel and drove back to town. We were arguing inside the car because she wanted to go swimming but I didn't want to. So after a series of exchange of words, we decided to drive to Mr. Golf, a nice place, with a driving range and neat bar in Pampanga.

So we drove in. It was I think 8 PM. I was sitting inside the car when I saw a familiar figure pass by. It looked like Ebe of Sugarfree. "What the heck are they doing here?", I told myself. Curious, I went to the entrance and I saw a poster. It read Ultraelectromagnetic Party. I looked at the date and voila! "It's today", I said. So I asked the guy at the entrance how much do the ticket cost. 300 pesos! Darn. It's good I have 800 bucks in my pocket . So I bought 2 tickets and went inside.

The show started at 9:30. It was supposed to start at 9. It was started by a local band from Pampanga. I forgot their name but they were playing hard rock. They were followed by Calalili, a new band from Manila who is supposed to release their album this year under BMG records. Calalili was followed by Session Road, the band from Baguio who wrote the hit song, Suntok sa Buwan(?). 6 Cycle Mind followed and had to play their hits songs like, Biglaan and I forgot the titles of the rest. Next onstage was Barbie Almalbis. I really didn't like her band because her back-up bassist and drummer were always showing off and it ruins the song. I think Barbie also has a back-up guitarist or something because I can hear her guitar playing even though she wasn't touching it.

The next band was the one band I've been waiting for, RadioActiveSago Project. Alright! It's my first time to see them play live. They started with a cover from Eraserheads, alcohol which was cool. I didn't miss Astro,  "Gusto ko ng Baboy" and Gin Pomelo which were the best part of their act. Astig man! After this band we went home and left Ebe and his band doing their act onstage. Before we went home I went backstage and saw Lourd, Radioactivesago's frontman. I took a snap picture of him and Brownman Revival's Dino.

Astig. Amen. 



  ergoe wrote @

Uy, kainggit naman ‘to! Ü Napadaan lang ako kasi nag-iwan ka ng tag sa blog ko, salamat!

  fatfingur wrote @

thanks! radioactive sago ang pinakaastig sa lahat.

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