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Whoops Battle of the Bands!

I Just arrived from Liwasang Bonifacio to witness the Whoops Battle of the bands finals. I was there to take pictures for Eye Scream, a promising new band from Nueva Ecija, who happens to be recording recently at SoundWeavers, a recording studio located at Pasong Tamo. I was tagged my boss to come along and take live pictures of the band.

Well, before we went to the contest venue, Rigs (my officemate) and I, walked all the way from our office at Rufino Building to Cityland at Pasong Tamo. We decided to walk because the fuckin taxi drivers were choosing passengers they want to ride on their taxi. It's not that we look scary but the fact is, those damn taxi drivers are very choosy and they don't want passengers who may have very far destinations. Oh well that's how stupid they are.

Back to the contest – I was taking photos of the band and I went in front of the stage not knowing that you need an I.D. to come in. Well, I got a few rounds of shots before they realized I don't have any I.D. on me. Some bouncer told drove me out of the stage. It's ok coz' I have already taken great shots. I wish I could post them here in the future. Watching those bands play makes me really miss my band. I mean, I miss playing in front of wild people. I miss the sweat and the fun onstage. Gee, I should re-group my band. It's not that my band is disbanded but we are separated by distance. Well, anyway, I know that we'll be playing again together soon. I just wish for that.

Tomorrow, or later, my girlfriend and I will be buying a new digital camera. Yeah! We're going to buy the Kodak C330 digital Camera. I'll be posting cool pictures here soon. I wanna be a photographer!

I'm getting sleepy. So folks, good night! And oh, I forgot to mention the results of the contest. Well here thay are, …I forgot. Eye Scream didn't make it to the top 3 but I swear they're really good. Wait for their first song on the radio, soon!



  jhay wrote @

Have heard about Eye Scream from a friend of mine before, he says they are good. I’ll just wait for their song to come out then.

Aw….he’s going to get a new digicam, I wish I could get a new one as well. 😉

  an2net wrote @

Sa susunod pag mag blog.. DAPAT ME PICTURE.

Picture reading kaya ko eh. 😀

  robert wrote @

pare check mo tong webby ko shout k lng ng shout!!! hahaha till you drop! sa bahay lng sya walang domain…

click mo to..

  fatfingur wrote @

Sa susunod pag mag blog.. DAPAT ME PICTURE.
Picture reading kaya ko eh. 😀

Don’t worry, ngayong may digital camera na ako, expect pictures in my next posts. Thanks.

[…] According to the Rakrakan website, one of the new rock acts that will be included on the tour will be EyeScream. So who are these guys? EyeScream is an indie Screamo band hailing from Cabanatuan City. I’ve seen these guys perform live and I’ve taken pictures of them on the Whoops Battle of the Bands held last April in Manila. Actually, EyeScream’s frontman, Epoy is one of my buddies. I’ve been with these guys during their recording at SoundWeavers, a 32-track Protools Digital Recording Studio in Makati. […]

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