untold stories from a slacker

At last, vacation!

Thanks to devoted Filipino Catholics, the next four fuckin days will be my chance to rest and do some of my personal stuff. There will be no work! Did ya read that? There’s no work tomorrow, and the tomorrow after, and the day after tomorrow after tomorrow – until Sunday. Of course I have no work on Saturdays and Sundays.

Yeah, I’ll be going back to my hometown , Metro La Union. I’ll probably still be busy. I’ll be working on some personal stuff and some things with my band. I think we’ll be having a gig on Saturday night, probably at Zigzag. It’s located at the top of San Fernando, La Union. We’ll be having a one hour set full of screamo music. I’m inviting everyone who knows the place and who lives in La union to come and see us. I promise you it will be a very nice gig.

I’ve also updated my Multiply page and just in case you wanna know how I look like, my picture is posted there.

This is the end of this post, so you people out there, enjoy your 4-day vacation! Don’t dig your toes too deep in the sand and don’t drink too much alcohol. See you at the shores!


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