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Do note this: iBlog2 at UP College of Law Building

This way to iBlog2I just came from the iBlog2 summit awhile ago. It was held in UP Diliman College of Law building. The event was between 9 AM to 5 PM. There were a lot of participants who attended. Most of them obviously are bloggers. I'm not really a blogger but I was sent by my boss with two of my officemates, Reg, a writer and Ed, a programmer to listen and hopefully learn something from the event. Yeah I've learned something alright. Actually, to be honest, I've really learned many things. I've learned that blogs are important for some people. Let's take for example the Iranian and Chinese bloggers. Blogs are one way for them to express or tell facts of their experiences in life. Blogs also can give us stories and news and journalist don't have access to. It's one way of communicating and a form of open journalism which the reader can comment on the writngs either negatively or positively.

Generally, I've really learned about a lot of things that I can't really discuss right now. Why? Because I'm tired and I can't think straight. I just wish I'm a robot so I could do things tirelessly but then again I just wish you've been there so I don't really have to actually tell you those things by myself. Hahaha. Actually it's really cool to learn many things today. It's like I'm inspired to blog until I the day I can't type with a keyboard anymore. Not that my hands will be cut off in the future. 🙂

There is one important thing I learned though. If you are sitting next to a pretty girl and you know she's a blogger, you should be brave enough to talk to her about things like blogging and ask her if you can take her photo. Why? So you won't regret it when she walks away without getting her name and number. Well, that's one lesson I really gotta learn. I was sitting next to a pretty girl on the summit and man, I really have the hots for her. (I took a stolen shot of her anyway. I just cropped this one so it's kinda blurry. Well here she is.)The problem is I'm too afraid to utter even a "hi". I was afraid that I might pee in my pants. Not really. I think I was just being faithful to my girl. (I hope she's reading this.)

To sum it up, the blogging summit was really a great experience for me. The food was great and it was FREE. The words of the speakers and everyone who shared their opinions really struck my mind. No thanks to some of the speakers who talked like a music box, I almost fell asleep. And yeah, I've got some words to share to you form Dean Alfar, one of the best speakers, "Do note fear tomorrow!" Figure that out!



  ade wrote @

nakakainggit. sana umabsent na lang ako para nakapunta ako sa summit na yan.

  minor wrote @

ako din hanggang ngayon naiinggit dahil hindi ako nakapunta, setbu kasi dito sa office ang hirap magpaalam para magleave kumabaga death are the only excuse

  jhay wrote @

Waaa! kakainggit talaga! Dapat pala humingi na lang ako ng special exams, hay…buhay talaga!

  rich wrote @

Hi! It so great seeing u too in the 2nd iblog2 summit. Ops! I know yata that girl that u take a stolen pic.ha ha ha ha. Anyway hope u visit my site too @ http://rich/pinoyforum.net, my kids site cybervaldez.pinoyforum.net and of course the 1st Filipino game development site http://www.pinoyforum.net. c u in the 3rd iBlog Summit, hopefully again in UP Diliman!

  rich wrote @

sorry, that should be http://rich.pinoyforum.net =)

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