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Batteries for the fragile body

Yesterday, I dropped by a drugstore to buy me some multivitamins. It's been quite sometime since I stopped taking them and I felt, you know, exhausted all the time. I really need the pills right now coz there's a lot of things I wanna do and it's like I'm always getting low of energy at the end of the day. It's like I wake up in the morning, I'll take a bath, I'll change my clothes and then I go to work. Then when I'm at the office, I sit in front of the PC moitor and work all day. When evening comes, I check my energy level and it's already running out.

I wish I'm a robot. But robot's need batteries too, right? I wish I'm a robot with unlimited energy then.

I don't want to be a robot who relies on solar energy coz what would happen when the sun sets?

I don't wanna be a robot who eats up gasoline for energy because as we all know, the cost of gasoline is very high. Thanks to the generous gasoline companies.

I don't wanna be a robot whose source of energy is electricity because like gasoline, it's suicide.

I want to be a robot whose batteries are hate, greed, anger and all the negative emotions, because that's what the world has right now. Negative emotions are everywhere and when you choose them as source then you'll be charged with overflowing energy you might even turn into some superhero.

Like superman. Or like an addict overdosed with methamphetamine he doesn't feel hunger or sleepiness.

I'll just take my vitamins anyway.



  jhay wrote @

My mother gave up on giving me vitamins to help me gain some weight,hehe
I am too a bit bothered by my thin body, then again we play with the things God give us.

I don’t like to be a robot, what if my model get’s obsolete? and more importantly, I want to keep my emotions. 🙂

  fatfingur wrote @

Thanks Jhay.

That’s my point. If we are robots then none of this hate, envy, all the negative emoptions would be wiped out from this planet and all of us can live peacefully and straight.

But then again, that’s just my opinion.

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