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Life in your way

Life In Your WaySo what's ahead for me? I'm trying to start a new life. I'm trying to be happy. No I'm not whining. I'm just rambling.
I've been here in this world for more than 20 years, (yup I'm more than 20 years old) yet I haven't still found what I'm looking for — or what life means. Should I spend my whole life trying to just do that? I just realized that I should not be looking for those things, instead I should be having fun and just accept that we have all the same problem, learning how to live our lives. So i guess all of us have something in common: we breathe, we spit, we drink, we piss, we puke, we eat, we get old and after getting tired of doing all of this we die. The only thing that makes us different from each other is the way how we handle things. It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor, weak or powerful, dumb or not… So much for the rambling.

I've discovered a new screamo band again from the internet. This one may sound like As Cities Burn but I love them. They are Life In Your Way, a Conneticut-based screamo hardcore Christian band. For me they're like the next generation bands whose melodic tunes which describes the truth about life give their listeners an inspiration in life.If you review their lyrics, they make look like prayers and that's cool. Why? Just listen to how they sing those prayer-like verses and if you're an emo fan, you're jaws might drop on the floor. I love the screaming of the vocalist.

And yeah, Thursday has just also released their latest album, A City By the Light Divided. I've heard the songs from the album on their MySpace last week. They've put it there so fans like me can have a pre-listening pleasure. I think they've just removed it. I'm going to buy the album when it's available here in our damn country already.

Accepting acceptance, Time after time these wounds stand to breathe again. Help me to stand higher with hope for tomorrow and confidence to live for today. – Life In Your Way


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Totally Emo!

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