untold stories from a slacker

Maybe making paper cranes will help me get on with my life.

Yesterday I was browsing blogs across Blogger and WordPress looking for some answers to my questions and I stumbled upon a blog talking about paper cranes. I really didn't find any answers to my questions there. I was just really interested. It says that if you make a thousand paper cranes and make a wish, your wish would come true. I know it sounds kinda dumb but hell no! I believe it.

I'll make a thousand cranes, I'll even make tens of thousands.

I'll consider this to be my therapy so I could at least forget my bad experiences. I've already made three paper cranes. The first one I made was from an inlay of a CD-R. I used a soft pack cigarette case on the second one. I made the first two yesterday. The third paper crane was made from my ATM receipt. Yeah I'm broke. I only have 28 pesos for my remaining balance.My Paper Cranes

What am I gonna wish for if I've already made a thousand paper cranes? I can't decide what to wish for yet.

Maybe, I'll wish for world peace… nah, that's too selfish. Warlords would be sad if I did that.

Should I wish for a genie so I could get three wishes? Probably not. I don't wanna be Aladdin.

Oh what the heck. I'll just wish for everyone to be happy.

Good night.



  ade wrote @

good luck with your, erm, endeavours man. 😉

yep, just keep yourself busy to forget the pain. 😉

  doorlight wrote @

awww can you make one and give it to me? hehehe. take care, dude.

  Noelle wrote @

Did you know the crane means “family”? And the main character on Prison Break makes paper cranes a lot. 🙂

  fatfingur wrote @

sorry i didn’t know that. thanks noelle. 😀

  kneeko wrote @

do it in all sizes… from a store receipt to A0 size of paper hehehe…

u will see the changes…

then post it here. hehehe


anyway, tnx for dropping….

  luci wrote @

phenomenal!!! http://www.bloomtownship.anorthdakota.com

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