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Clean your monitor with this brush!

So I had trouble finding answers to a lot of questions and I'm trying to be ok. I kept looking and looking and I've just realized I won't find it on the internet. I don't want to be whining about something forever so I guess I'll just move on. I need something to help me forget bad experiencs and bad break-ups.

So here, my co-worker and friend, Riggy Boy just gave me this cool and funny link. Are you excited about it? Wait guys, I'm just gonna warn you, don't laugh or get shocked. What I'm gonna show you is a great tool – this is not just any tool, ok? This is something you need. I know you need to wipe off the dust on your monitor sometimes, so here it is. Enjoy cleaning your monitors with this cool wiping tool. I call this the X-Wiper.

So come on guys and clean your monitor with this brush! 



  ade wrote @

NSFW! NSFW! You’re gonna get me fired!

  fatfingur wrote @

NSFW – not safe for work? Hahahaha. So I guess I should warn the next visitors to view the link with caution. I mean if your boss is not around.

  angela wrote @

Lately I’ve been listening to my music on random so yes, to answer your question which you posed in my blog, I was listening to Creed at the time I was writing the post.. random does that. 🙂


  SPY wrote @

oh! hohohoho!!! ok… that was funny… not effective to clean though… =)

  Euri wrote @

Wahh! Bat hindi mo naman sinabi na not for children!! Binuksan k pa naman sa office. :blush:

  Riggy Boy wrote @

hehe nice monitor cleaning device huh… don’t yah like it? cleaning doesn’t get much X-citing than that 😀

  Shari wrote @

Gawd! Should’ve warned me. Couldn’t do anything but play with it and pretend it’s nothing, hehe. My little brother had his nose on the monitor when I opened it. (Hah, let him. Maybe it’ll finally change his mind and get circumcised this summer, LOL) And our kasambahay just had to blurt out her usual expression, “Yuck!” That was nice. And exciting. :p

BTW, thanks for the visit. Geesh, SLU. When will I meet someone from UPB naman? Hehe..Take care..Thanks again.

  fatfingur wrote @

Gawd! Should’ve warned me.
hahaha. You should’ve read the other comments. 😉

  eLLe wrote @

i’ll link you up ah 🙂

  fatfingur wrote @

sure Elle! Let’s exchange links. 😀

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