untold stories from a slacker

Some people will do anything just to fuck

A Virgin's Plea

Some virgin guy is asking for your help to help him fuck some girl. I say let him masturbate instead. If he is really a true man then he should work hard for it. But what the heck, I say let him fuck that girl and let him have a taste of heaven.

Wanna see who this guy is? Well just check out the details or give your hand to a virgin's plea.



  ade wrote @

dammit, he’s pathetic.

  The Four-eyed Journal wrote @

This virgin could help Russia

I missed the Qualifying session for the Spanish GP last night because once more, things are not going well with our local cable company. Some of the channels they offer, Star Sports included, were unavailable or humanly impossible to watch because of t…

  Riggy Boy wrote @

The guy is just plain stupid, well if what he’s saying is true… waiting till marriage to gel laid haha… that’s what you get for being “faithful” if a guy/girl loves each other, having sex wont be bad or anything, co’z having sex w/ the one you love is merely the best thing or the best possible act one can provide. Marriage is JUST a ceremony back-up with papers and a “holy blessing” no one’s faithful anymore bub… hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil… until mankind has those senses mankind is very welcome in hell…

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