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Biscuit anyone?

Has anyone wondered how large the population of China is? It's more than a billion and growing. That's 1/6 of the world's total population. Can you imagine how horny these people are? And imagine if more horny people are being born in China everyday, the world will be full of Chinese. Would that be fun or what? I really love chinese girls you know. If that would be the case, every horny Filipino male like me would have 20 Chinese girls. I could have even more… Oh, I'm just imagining things. I did not mean to offend anyone.

Anyway, I have some interesting story again to tell you. My friend (Sorry, I can't tell his name) told me that somewhere in China, there's some market where a lot of human fetus are sold for food. It's like balut here in the Philippines, only worse. In china it isn't in an eggshell, it's outside the shell. Hahahaha. Get it? I've also heard from some of my friends that one brand of luncheon meat here in the Philippines is made of human fetus. I won't tell which one. The worse part of this is, I do believe them because they are my ever reliable source of crazy ideas. Now dig that!!! It's like that old popular movie Soylent Green.

Biscuit anyone? 



  deicide wrote @

well… China’s population is growing and the only way to stop or regulate the population growth is either birth control (there are so many ways to do so) and kill every fucking men or women even unborn son-of-a-bitchesssss… So Chinese develop a much more gruesome way tah do soh… every 2nd fetus (soon to be 2nd son or daughter) has to go, and i mean go. But of course cook ‘em before eating, nice huh… imagine eating your own blood line wow… Cannibalism isn’t really like eating your own kind, humans are cannibals in so many ways, either literally or by act… hehe nice fatfinguR open-up my thoughts about life… (unload the gun before firing so no one gets hurt nor lives)

  griepentrog wrote @

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