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A Virgin’s Plea: An experiment gone too far.

God damn it! I knew it! I knew this was just some stupid experiment – no, it's more than a stupid experiment, this was a marketing strategy to catch people's attention and go to his website. If I were Mathew, the site's creator and mastermind,  I shouldn't have exposed the truth. Why? Because I still think his idea is cool and the rate of unique visitors per day is great. Imagine that, for just 18 days he got more than 3.3 million clicks. This means his god damn experiment was successful. He's averaging 183,000 plus unique hits a day. And at that rate, he could have achieved his target of 5 million unique visitors.

So what's next? A Virgin Priest's Plea? Help the Priest fuck? Cool.


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  eLLe wrote @

ronda patrol.. 🙂

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