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The 6 Underground Invasion!

It was friday night, and I was looking for some place to go. I was supposed to go home after work but I wanna have fun (after the bad break up I had)  so invited two of my officemates, Riggy boy and Jose to look for some cool place to hang out and get drunk. We were planning to go to W-Grill but Riggy Boy doesn't like it there because he says the place is boring. Well, yeah I agree with him a lot especially right now that we've found a new place to go, 6 Underground.

6 UndergroundThe place was introduced to us by Jose but it was the first time for the 3 of us to go there. It was along Palanca St. (Correct me if I'm wrong) near Gweilos. I've heard about 6 Underground too many times before and I've been wanting to go there ever since but I don't wanna go alone. So last friday was my chance and the night was great! The place is cool and comfy. According to my calculation, It has room for 200 to 300 people – I guess… Well, sort of. Red Horse beer costs 85 bucks – buy one take one. The food and the people are great. The bands and the music are cool and great too.

Onstage was Fuseboxx and Join the Club. I don't know the other bands who played or was I just drunk? Anyway, I had my digital camera with me, so I had great shots of Fuseboxx and Join the Club and the other bands. You can check 'em out on my flickr page. Fuseboxx was Red Horse Muziklaban's 2003 champion, I think. Join The Club wrote your radio-friendly hit song "Nobela". Pulp's photographer, BrutalGrace was also there taking some photos of the bands. I didn't check out her camera but I'm sure she had a good camera, yeah because she's a photographer. I had a short chat with her about NU 107 DJs but I really don't remember what we were talking about anymore because the alcohol that I took in, took control of my mind.  Mayonnaise was also there but I don't know if they played or not but they were outside the place. I had a few photos of Monty, Mayonnaise's  frontman and guitars, and Shan, their drummer. And oh, I almost forgot, I also met three cool girls. I had taken photos of them. I really wanted to post them here but I'd ask their permissions first.

So that was it. The weird thing on that night was, there were three of us who went to the place but when it was time to go home, there were only two of us remaining. Riggy boy was no where to be found. I think he has some powers and he can teleport to anyplace anytime. He was Harry Houdini of the modern times. A great escape artist he is. The last thing I remebered about him was he was texting with his master – his girlfriend. So his girlfriend gave him a warning that if he doesn't go home before midnight, it'll be the end of him. So at that same time, he used his powers and teleported home. Cool. I wish I had powers like him too.

The night was over and i hailed a taxi and went home. I really wish that I had Riggy Boy's teleporting powers so I wouldn't hire a cab anymore.



  jhay wrote @

Hmm..heard of that place just last November, but wasn’t able to check it out because I was homestay in Conspiracy or 70’s Bistro.

Anyways, it’s a good thing you’re starting to get out and unwind. It’s always helpful after what you’ve been through.

Final thing, Fuseboxx really rocks! I got a sample of their track from a friend of mine way back in 2004. This band really knows how to belt out good music.

As for join the club, I started to loose interest in them when their second video came out, they looked like they haven’t taken a bath in days. Is it just me? My friends thinks the same though.

  Riggy Boy wrote @

hehe yeah… “6UG rocks man” I’m an old school rocker but gotta to give 2 thumbs-up to new school… it was a nice evening after I got drunk and me “master gf” was textn me, I ask Jose and fatfinguR to kabish, I was soo drunk that I didn’t notice they were’nt following, so when I was to call for a taxi the 2 assholes were’nt at me side, so I just decided to go on home. At Binondo I puke in the taxi when I was a few blocks away from the comfort of me house… ahh shit 120 turn into 500 bucks “fuck”… the next time we invade 6UG I’ll try not to be too drunk… hey if yah guys/gals wanna cum with us to 6UG “EB” hehe well just leave a msg here so we can stick together and bond (get it stick, bond; ahh enough of the crap…) so what yah say…

  eLLe wrote @


  jhay wrote @

Dude, I’m inviting you to be part of the 1st Philippine Blog Carnival. It’s a weekly digest of what Pinoy bloggers are writing about. I’m sure you’re gigs and misadventures will be a great addition to this project. The details are on my blog, do let me know.


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