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X-Men 3: The Last Stand?

Warning: This is a spoiler.

Yesterday I was at the Podium to watch X-Men III: The Last Stand. Did I enjoy the movie? I guess I did but I was disappointed of the story's plot. It was nothing like in the comics. I didn't see Night Crawler. Cyclops died, killed by Jean Grey, or her alter-ego, The Phoenix. Professor Xavier died too. Magneto lost his powers. Poor Jean Grey died in the end. Logan or Wolverine was a loser. He could have fucked Jean Grey when he had the chance. Inside the danger room, there was a sentinel. There was a sentinel? How? I mean did sentinels exist on their time? What's more weird is, Wolverine's healing factor in the movie is so fast unlike in the comics. But what the heck? The story changed a lot.

One thing though, if you're planning to watch the movie, don't leave your seats yet until the ending credits finished rolling.




  Euri wrote @

Waah!! Spoiler!!

I’m not reading…!!

  jhay wrote @

It’s a good movie, I liked more than the Da Vinci Code. It is the last X-men movie, but I’m sure a sequel or a spin-off will be a wolverine movie. The three films had Wolverine in its central theme. The movie guys will even make more money out of this one.

  fatfingur wrote @

yeah, i admit it’s a good quality movie. only because of it’s special effects. But in terms of the storyline, oh Man I hate it. I’m an X-Men fan ever since I was in high school. The story isn’t the same.

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