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Who has seen Wolverine # 42!

Guys! Someone please help me. I've got a very big problem. You see, I've been to SM North EDSA all the way to MEGAMALL in search of one true happiness – Wolverine #42. I went to all the comic book stores and I can't find this precious Wolverine #42 issue. Someone please help me. If any of you comic book collectors out there has this copy, I'm willing to buy it for twice or 3x the price. Or you can name your price.

People playing with fire Part 2Meanwhile, I've grabbed the Civil War issue #2 and guess what just did happen? Superhuman beings and mutants were being captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers. At the very last pages, Spiderman has revealed the press and the whole ignorant world his real identity. On Amazing Spiderman issue #432, you can find out what made Spiderman reveal his true identity. I also have the Civil war Fronting Line Issue # 1 and in there, you'll find out that Iron Man has also revealed his true identity in front of the Press and the whole world and it happened before Spiderman removed his mask. At the last pages of the comic book, you will also find out that Speedball, survived the blast Nitro created. But that's not all, I've also found out that Nick Fury, former head of S.H.I.E.L.D., has disappeared too and joined the anti-superhuman registration act the U.S. government has proposed.

Also do check out the Amazing fire photography technique, me and my housemates have made. 

Thanks and I hope somebody out there can help me.



  Euri wrote @

Have you tried sa Virra Mall 2nd floor I think? There’s a shop there that sells comic characters actions fingures. Try going in, they sell comics of Wolverine. Not sure about the #42 issue though, but and dami dun. Seiously. 🙂

  eLLe wrote @

pls vote for my blog. the link site is in my blog. tnx 😀

  ade wrote @

nice pic! whoa!

anyway, i haven’t followed Marvel’s storylines lately. I’m more of a DC fan lately.

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