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In the hunt for Amazing Spider-Man #531

Finally, I have in my hands Amazing Spider-Man issues #529 and #530. I'm lucky to have these issues because they were the last copies. I bought them at Comic Quest SM City North Edsa. I am still looking for Amazing Spider-Man issue #531. Well this three part issue has something to do about the Civil War series and SpiderMan's new costume.
Spider-Man's Iron Man CostumeSpider-Man's new costume may look a bit like Iron Man's armor. The reason behind this is because Iron Man created it for Peter Parker. So what are the features of the web-slinger's new costume? Well, it has many amazing add-ons. With the new costume, Spider-man can glide through the air for a certain time.The new optical lenses has the zoom ability and even an x-ray vision. Also, Spider-Man can control the appearance of his costume using nano-technology which means he can change his look to his old costume or even his alien symbiote costume. He can also blend with the dark background like a chameleon. All he has to do is think. Totally cool for a costume. But will this really help him now that the whole world knows his real identity?

Let's find out on the next issue, Amazing Spider-Man #533. I can't wait to get my hands on the next issues of Civil War!



  jhay wrote @

I tried to look around the net, most copies you have to buy. Off-line sources, I don’t have a clue. Good luck with the hunt though

  [alucard.] wrote @

The website I put is a link to the issue #531 on ebay.

  Iron Man Costume wrote @

wow, i just know about this suit. it’s awesome!

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