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Superman Returns, Tragedy Uprises

I have just witnessed the return of Superman last night at the Podium. I was planning to see that movie on iMax but the seat reservations are already taken for the whole mutherfuckin week and all the following weeks but what the heck, I’m glad i didn’t have to see it on iMax. Ticket costs a sterling 350 pesos.

I’m really not a DC fan but I do admire Superman when I was a kid. I mean Superman was invulnerable, he was fast, he can fly… he can almost do every super power thing. He was so Super that’s why I don’t really like him. Unlike Spider-Man, my favorite Superhero, he has unlimited powers and that makes him so human that I can really relate to him ( yeah i’ve got some super-powers too!). But I really don’t like Spiderman the movie. It’s story has changed and well it sucks. I’ve seen the Spider-man 3 trailer and I’ve seen Spidey and his black costume and I don’t like it. Why can’t they make one just like in the comics? Spider-Man’s black costume is his old costume painted in black. Woah it sucks and it’s stupid. I don’t care about the Spider-Man movies anymore, I’d just buy the comics. if you haven’t heard yet, Spider-Man already has revealed his true identity.

Speaking of hiding secret identities and creating disguises, I firmly believe that there is only one man who does this the best. No it’s not the guys on Mission Imposibble. It’s not Spider-Man either. It’s not Mystique or any shapeshifter. Do you wanna know who this guy is? Nope, it’s not you. It’s Superman, damn it! He just wears those glasses and tadaa… he turns into Clark Kent. Nobody even notices. Even Lois Lane. Those characters at DC are so dumb just like in Superman Returns the movie. Haven’t they noticed any similarity on Clark Kent and Superman? Superman was gone for 5 years and so was Clark. Didn’t the people at the Daily Planet knew that or they were just playing dumb?

I’m gonna tell you something from the movie, Superman fucked Lois Lane before he went looking out for his dead folks and dead planet. I wonder how fast Superman did it. A split second? Even Lois Lane didn’t know. hahahahaha!



  jhay wrote @

So true, it really makes me wonder if the dumbness of the american public in the DC comics are reflections of the real american public, then again they elected Bush, so go figure.

  eLLe wrote @

may quiz na naman ako! 🙂 try mo i-answer oki, masaya yun 😀

  spoils of war wrote @

Hey elle, you can plug your quizzes somewhere else. Americans are not idiot, they are just blinding themselves from the truth.

  melai wrote @

as my sister had told me ….so may nangyari kay Lois lane at Superman?” sagot ko agad e…uhmmnn if ever tiyak magiging si Clark Kent na siya bago pa man sila mag jugjugan kasi diba tatanggalin niya brief niya then matatanggal costume niya ..e di ba nagigign superman lang siya pag naka costume? ..lol! parang i sounds dumb too… salamat pala sa pagpasyal 🙂

  ade wrote @

If you watch Superman 2 (which Superman Returns continues from; it retcons 3 & 4 which sucked), they did make love and it’s plausible for Lois to have a kid.

However, I didn’t like Superman Reurns that much. It didn’t have the fun & joy of the originals. And Bryan Singer (the director) reveres the originals so much.

Also, this is a movie about Superman returnining to save people. Why was this movie so depressing?!

Well, I thought that Supes’ secret identity was one major plothole. I guess that the way he plays the klutzoid side of Clark Kent works so well that nobody even suspects its him.

  Jay wrote @

Yo anyone see superman returns? I loved that movie and i cant wait to pick up the dvd and game for xbox 360….i heard theres a code in the dvd that lets you play as bizzaro in the game, that should be pretty tight. Im lookin forward to gettin it at the end of the month.

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