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Wanted: Tooth Fairy

When was the last time you visited your dentist? Me, it was yesterday. But before yesterday, more than 10 years came to pass before I ever stepped inside a dental clinic. The truth is, I’m afraid to have my teeth checked and I don’t know why. But yesterday, I thought I really have to go and be face to face with the dentist. So I did. He had my teeth checked and told me that I should have them cleaned. So I let him. It took him almost an hour to clean my teeth. It never felt so irritating to have your teeth feel like being shaved off its skin. Anyway, after that irritating cleansing, I had my 2nd to the last tooth on the lower right jaw extracted. It was not so painful but my face felt like a fat lip. It was because of the Lidocaine or commonly known as anesthesia. It took the dentist more than twenty minutes to have my rotting tooth be removed. It was bloody.

So the dentist advised me not to sip hot soup or coffee. I told him I can do that. Another advise followed up, and it was the hardest thing to do. He told me not to smoke. This is hard because I’m like a chain smoker. So I did not smoke today… All right. I did but I didn’t even finish a stick off. It’s very hard to quit smoking if your friends and co-workers are smokers. Well I should try. I want a tooth fairy pillow.

Tomorrow is Thursday and it means that new issues of Civil war tie-ins are gonna be available at Comic Quest! Gotta go there tomorrow… Wait, I don’t have money anymore. I’ll get them on Friday.


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was here 🙂

good luck on your fight against no-smoking hehe 🙂

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