untold stories from a slacker

The Battle for Civil War #3

It’s been eons since I last poeted on this blog. So what’s keeping the fatfingur from posting on his blog?  Well I guess he’s just too busy with work. Yeah he never gets enough sleep nowadays.

It was just Yesterday when fatfingur went straight ahead to Comic Quest after work. He called the comic shop to ask if there are new arrivals. The lady who answered said that it would arrive at 7:30 PM.

So fatfingur went to the store. He was there at the exact time but the new deliveries weren’t there yet. So what he did was he paid in advance so he can be sure not to miss an issue. So he did and waited and waited.

Finally, at 9 PM, a bolt of lightning struck in front of the store and people were amazed. Because Thor is back and they don’t know which side is he on. Well I guess they better wait for  Civil War #4.


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