untold stories from a slacker

I have risen back from the dead.

Busy days and sleepless nights kept me away from my own blog. I miss those days when I was typing something in here for others and myself to read. Those were the times. It’s like so many years ago but it’s not. It was just a few weeks when I last posted here.

Let’s start bloggin’ again.

So did anyone miss me? Did you? Oh well, nobody missed me. So here’s what’s new:

Rakrakan, an independent music concert production organization showcasing indie Pinoy rock bands is about to hit the road on October. Rakrakan will be having a concert tour on the different parts of the Metro. The tour will feature new promising rock acts from the new ass-kicking independent label, Rebolusyon Rekords. The tour will also give you some top popular acts although it has not yet been confirmed. So stay tuned evil pinoy rock fans.

According to the Rakrakan website, one of the new rock acts that will be included on the tour will be EyeScream. So who are these guys? EyeScream is an indie Screamo band hailing from Cabanatuan City. I’ve seen these guys perform live and I’ve taken pictures of them on the Whoops Battle of the Bands held last April in Manila. Actually, EyeScream’s frontman, Epoy is one of my buddies. I’ve been with these guys during their recording at SoundWeavers, a 32-track Protools Digital Recording Studio in Makati.

ERF, will also be joining the tour. I don’t know much about ERF yet but check out Siopao’s multiply page, and find out for yourself. ERF is currently recording their debut album right now at Makati.

And yeah, I almost forgot, I just bought 3 Civil War tie-ins today. Find out more about Civil War.



  jhay wrote @

Welcome back!

I’m curious as to what and where Rakrakan takes place. I’ve always been fond of indie bands, they never fail to come up with something out of the box and quite unique.

  fatfingur wrote @

Here are the confirmed dates man. I’m glad that you support great indie bands.
I’ve stripped this out from the Rakrakan website.

* Oct. 6 @ Mayrics, Espana, Manila
* Oct. 14 @ Conspiracy, Mindanao Ave, Quezon City
* Oct. 19 @ Bela Bar, P. Guevarra, San Juan
* Oct. 20 @ Kublai’s, Katipunan, Quezon City
* Oct. 27 @ Virgin Cafe, Tomas Morate, Quezon City

  fatfingur wrote @

And Jhay, I hope you invite your friends and barkada to watch the gigs. I’m sure you will enjoy them. See you there!

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