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Living Creatures in your drink: the new recipe?

Ever been to Clark, Pampanga? Well it’s like my first time to go there last Saturday. My girlfriend and I went to the newly opened mall, SM Clark. We checked out the place and it’s pretty huge. It was raining when we got there and we were like hungry from the trip from San Fernando to Clark. So we looked for a nice place to eat. I was craving for Japanese food so we ended up in Tokyo Tokyo.

It has been two months since I last checked out the Japanese fastfood so we were kinda excited. We ordered Sumo Beef Misono, the order was good for two and some tuna sashimi. What I like about Tokyo Tokyo is you get unlimited cups of rice. It’s like eat all the rice that you can. I love the Ice Tea. Yeah it comes with a slice of lemon but my experience last Saturday changed everything.

When my girlfriend was about to take a sip from the Ice Tea, a tiny creature, a little fruit worm, was moving and was on the slice of lemon. It’s disgusting. Don’t the Tokyo Tokyo crew check the lemon they use? What the fuck? They get paid for doing such a dirty job. So we were cool about that. My girlfriend went to the counter and had her Ice Tea replaced. But that was not the end of it. We were in the middle of eating and enjoying the food when my girlfriend was about to take a sip on the replaced Ice Tea again. Guess what? The worm transformed into a fly. I told myself, “That’s it.” So I went to the counter and told the person in charge that there’s a fly floating on our Ice Tea. Do you know what she said? “Eh di palitan natin”, in a sarcastic way. Who does she think she is? I guess she eats flies. Yeah, you the fat manager of Tokyo Tokyo, SM City Clark branch. You are disgusting. I hope you get fired for being such a bitch.

I love Tokyo Tokyo but this big fat manager is giving it a bad name. I advise you to check out what you eat when you go to TokyoTokyo SM Clark branch.



  Euri wrote @

I consider myself very lucky not having to try the specialty “living creature in your drink/meal” as of yet and not planning to do so anytime in my lifespan.

  fatfingur wrote @

Do you eat hotdog? They put cultured earthworms in it. lol.

  bryan wrote @

whatta?… better eat in “turo-turos” dude…

  riggyboy wrote @

What the… shit!!! Me and my GF love to eat at Tokyo Tokyo, if Tokyo Tokyo SM Clark branch has those crawlers, slimy and multi-legged freak on their place/food, what about here in Manila? just imagine those lurkers here, shit!!! no way I’m gonna eat again in that pigpen… shit!!!

  jhay wrote @

Never been to SM Clark before but I didn’t need to go that far to find living critters in my food.

These things are sometimes cannot be avoided, but the crew, people who are paid to handle food must act in every way they can to ensure food safety and customer satisfaction. I guess that fat manager should fired.

  fatfingur wrote @

Yeah. That lady should be fired for not doing a good job. If she was an engineer, the building could have collapsed in no time.

  austin wrote @

i’ll take flies rather than fetus soup served in china…

  fatfingur wrote @

fetus soup? man that’s disgusting. but i’ve read about it too. i wonder how it tastes like?

  Kazelbmu wrote @

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  Kazeltni wrote @

Hi webmaster!

  Kazelgfl wrote @

Hi webmaster!

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