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Destroy the World in Ten Easy Steps

Have you ever been pissed so bad in your life that you wanted to take the gun and shoot everyone you meet? Or have you ever been so happy in your life that you got so mad and you wanted to destroy the world?

Well, my good friend Joubert just sent me links of some articles on how to destroy the world. I wanted to try these things my self but I guess it’s just too dangerous.

There’s an article here on how to create your own home made bomb from batteries. Yeah, you could be a terrorist yourself. Maybe when you get pissed-off, try making a bomb and let it explode in your own room. That way, you get rid of your misery. Or if you want to bring others with you to your grave, send a bomb in populated areas, the mall or the MRT station.

Or be the bomb! Remove your clothes and run on the street shouting “fatfingur rules!” or “i want to be the president!

If you want mass destruction and you want to take the whole country down with you, make an atom bomb. Yeah, take everyone else with you.

*I don’t support terrorism



  jhay wrote @

Hmm…I wonder if someone in the US government reads this and tags you as a terrorist. 😉

Then again there’s the freedom of speech. 😀

  Laarni wrote @

you must be both mad and happy now. i don’t wanna ruin the world. i just wanna love everyone! hehehe.

  Polenka wrote @

hmmm….hindi maganda yung story mo.
mas maganda pa rin yung SHREK
bakit mo ba gusto patayin lahat ng tao???

  naglaro wrote @

hoy!para kang asaness pasabugin mo mukha mo. pasabugin mo tae mo. sabi ni eat tae ate, tapusin mo na raw game mo sa psp. tae kinakain mo. mmm….lasang fried chicken

-pamangkin ni fattest man alive

  fatfingur wrote @

tapusin mo na lang muna yung marvel nemesis mo. hehehe.

  Agent Smith wrote @

this is Agent J.A. Smith of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, we have tagged you as a terrorist, you have 30 days to remove all traces of your website from the web or we will jail you for a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 50 years.

thank you for your time

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