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Rakrakan on October!

Finally it’s almost October and the youth, the screaming, drinking, wasted youth is about to hit the streets again. Oktoberfest is here for all of you gimikeros and gimikeras out there! Get your drinking talent to the challenge again because October is a month where we adore a whole lot of barrels and bottles of beer.

So what else is there aside from Octoberfest? Of course there’s halloween and I’m sure and I’ll be betting my ass that ABS-CBN will again air another scary episode of ghost hauntings. Same old stuff. i wish they would air some band or something or whatever.

The said events above are nothing compared to the newly discovered event. It’s called the Rakrakan Club Tour. The tour will be headed by the army of Ian Tayao, Queso! They will be joined by Typecast and some new promising acts like EyeScream, which I’m proud to say that Epoy, their vocalist is one of my buddies. I know you don’t care but who cares. Rakrakan Tour will also be joined by Blues Bands like SNAKECHARMER, KULUKATI, FIRE BOTTLE, DAHON, PLUGCOSMIC LOVE, and MIKE’S APARTMENT(This sounds like porn to me). Well any way to make this shorter go ahead and click through here to see the complete schedule for the Rakrakan Tour!


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