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Knowing your commitments

Finally after 7 months I got to play guitar in a band again. We played in front of a few people and some bands. Too bad the organizer of the gig did not arrive. The organizer should know his commitments. Maybe he got his head like a balloon already he thinks he is some kinda God. What a joke.


La Union at last

I just arrived from a 4 hour trip from Manila to La Union. Yeah, I’m in La Union. So what am I gonna do here? I think I’m gonna go to San Juan and try surfing… nah, too easy – just kidding. Well I’m here because my band has a gig tonight at Gongora’s Resto. We’re gonna be playing some originals and some cover songs. I haven’t slept yet. I think I better go to sleep because tonight there will be a party and I don’t wanna be there and have no energy. Oh man. Let me sleep first. See ya people at Gongora’s Resto tonight and watch for us, hush/fingur or H/F. this is the name of our band: H-slash-F.

Memories: Eyescream Debut album now in my hands

My boss just gave me a copy of Eyescream’s debut album entitled Memories. It contains 11 tracks including the acoustic version of My Fears. Their first single “Memories” is currently enjoying airplay at NU107. I haven’t heard it played on the radio yet but some of my friends have. Well I don’t have to wait for the DJs at NU to play them, now that I’ve got a copy. I’ve heard some of their songs before while they were still on the process of making it. I’ve seen them also play live a couple of times. I last saw them at the Rakrakan tour at 6 Underground in Makati.

So how’s the album? Technically, I find the sound a bit kind of raw and it kinda lacks some reverb but overall, their songs are great and very catchy too. Nice instrumentations and song arrangements. Eyescream by the way is from Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija. I can categorize their music as emo/screamo and they’re really quite good at it. From what I’ve heard Memories will be available at Tower records and on other record bars on Monday. Well anyway, it’s a great album and a must have for all open-minded* music fans.

It’s weekend and I will be heading home for the province tonight! i just hope that the bus stations aren’t filled with passengers yet. When I get home to La Union, I will be playing with my band again tomorrow, Saturday at Gongora’s Resto. We will be playing some songs from Silverstein like “Smile in your Sleep” and “November”. Of course we will play some of our originals too. You can listen to some of our songs onlne if you want.

It’s halloween and Hell is gonna break loose. I can feel the presence of spirits and evil all around me because I am evil too. EEEEEEEEEEEEEvil. See ya all!

*cool and intelligent people only

Greed has taken down your intelligence

Sometimes people only think of themselves. Yeah I know one person. I used to look up to him but right now, I can see that he is just the same as a dirty street rat. I don’t talk to him right now and maybe he’s thinking that I have a problem with him. I just lost my respect. That’s all. I’m just laughing at him right now.

Intelligent people may be stupid and idiot sometimes. I don’t envy him. I pity him for not using his real intelligence. Hahahaha!