untold stories from a slacker

Greed has taken down your intelligence

Sometimes people only think of themselves. Yeah I know one person. I used to look up to him but right now, I can see that he is just the same as a dirty street rat. I don’t talk to him right now and maybe he’s thinking that I have a problem with him. I just lost my respect. That’s all. I’m just laughing at him right now.

Intelligent people may be stupid and idiot sometimes. I don’t envy him. I pity him for not using his real intelligence. Hahahaha!



  Euri wrote @

Poor guy. 😦 There are always people like that. so full of themselves. Just don’t mind those kind of people. Wala namang mangyayari if you mind them, anyway.

Btw, I’m back! Sorry for not being around for far too long. I was out. -_-

  robert wrote @

ey! dont worry you poor guy!

  stylemo wrote @

yeah, a poor guy he really has become. Welcome back Euri!

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