untold stories from a slacker

Knowing your commitments

Finally after 7 months I got to play guitar in a band again. We played in front of a few people and some bands. Too bad the organizer of the gig did not arrive. The organizer should know his commitments. Maybe he got his head like a balloon already he thinks he is some kinda God. What a joke.



  Euri wrote @

Well, people that gets a little attention when they usually don’t, tend to get huge heads. 😛

  fatfingur wrote @

Hi Euri, I guess I was wrong. The organizer got a problem that’s why di cya sumipot pero then again hindi pa rin dahilan yun kasi siya nagorganize right. 🙂

  jhay wrote @

What’s important was that you were able to perform again. After all, the organizer has already done his major part. Still, it’s good to know you’re able to do the things you like. Keep it up.

  fatfingur wrote @

Thanks man. 😉

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