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Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao brings down Morales in the 3rd round

What is this shit post doing in here? Well, I just came from Pampanga and on my way to the bus terminal, I noticed something weird about the locals. It seems everybody’s attention is on the TV. I was wondering why. So I took a peek and I wasn’t surprised. I forgot that today was the Grand Finale. Yeah, the infamous Pacquiao vs Morales boxing match.

So I went ahead and went straight to the bus terminal. I hopped inside a Victory Liner bus and voila, inside the bus was a TV and you guessed it right, the passengers were tuned into the boxing match. I took out my PSP and put on my headphones to play Tony Hawk’s Underground Remix. I kept on failing completing the skate combo. I was trying to put my attention on my game but I can’t get my sub conscious away from the people around me watching the match on the tube. So I put my PSP away and tried to watch the TV. And yeah, local channels, are filled with lots of commercials. So I guess the match was delayed. I logged on to my GPRS on my phone and checked ESPN. There I saw it. Pacquiao wins in 3rd round by knockout. It’s not surprising.

So the bus dropped me at EDSA boni then rushed home to blog this one and right now I’m still watching the match.


Graphika Manila Multimedia Conference at the Mall of Asia: See you there!

Hey guys, see you at the Graphika Manila Multimedia Conference on December 2, 2006. I’ll be there to witness the masters share their inspiring thoughts and techniques. Just read a great review, well kind of, about Graphika Manila on Stylemo. It’s on details about the speakers who will attend the conference.


It’s already November and i haven’t used any of my vacation leave yet. Maybe I should use it now. I really need to relax. I should get away from work for a while. Like they say, “all work and no play makes one a dumb boy.”

I totally agree with that. It’s like when you are eating the same kind of food over and over again everyday, it makes you sick. When you are listening to the same songs everyday, you get tired of it. Too much of something isn’t good. It makes a person narrow-minded and sometimes ignorant. I know of someone but I really don’t wanna talk about that person. It’s like he’s right about everything because he relies on just what he knows. It makes him stupid although he doesn’t know that. He doesn’t rely on fact but on his own understanding alone. I pity those kind of people. Ignorant people who doesn’ know any damn thing in the world.

Let’s change the topic for a while. Too much negative energy in the world will destroy us all. My friend Rigs just gave me a link of this very funny video and I was almost out of my seat laughing while I was watching it. I just wanna share it with you though so you can laugh with the whole world. Peace. Cheers.