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Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao brings down Morales in the 3rd round

What is this shit post doing in here? Well, I just came from Pampanga and on my way to the bus terminal, I noticed something weird about the locals. It seems everybody’s attention is on the TV. I was wondering why. So I took a peek and I wasn’t surprised. I forgot that today was the Grand Finale. Yeah, the infamous Pacquiao vs Morales boxing match.

So I went ahead and went straight to the bus terminal. I hopped inside a Victory Liner bus and voila, inside the bus was a TV and you guessed it right, the passengers were tuned into the boxing match. I took out my PSP and put on my headphones to play Tony Hawk’s Underground Remix. I kept on failing completing the skate combo. I was trying to put my attention on my game but I can’t get my sub conscious away from the people around me watching the match on the tube. So I put my PSP away and tried to watch the TV. And yeah, local channels, are filled with lots of commercials. So I guess the match was delayed. I logged on to my GPRS on my phone and checked ESPN. There I saw it. Pacquiao wins in 3rd round by knockout. It’s not surprising.

So the bus dropped me at EDSA boni then rushed home to blog this one and right now I’m still watching the match.



  Neil wrote @

pareng dino? musta..naks me psp ka na pala..

UMD ba gamit mo? sayang kung nalaman ko agad me psp ka, sau ko n lang binenta ung GTA liberty city stories ko..


o siya..

ingat bro,,
musta mo na lang ako kina mon mon..

  fatfingur wrote @

Naglalaro rin ako ng homeBrew Bro pero lumabas na yung firmware update ng PSP na 3.0, pinagiisipan ko pa kung i-aupdate ko na cya. Makakalaro ka rin daw ng homebrew na PSOne games pero kelangan may PS3 ka raw. Wala naman ako pambili ng PS3 medyo mahal kasi. Wais talaga tong SONY. Pero ayos lang. Salamat sa pagbisita mo pare.

  Euri wrote @

Ah yes, and he now has a statue of his own along the bay. 😛

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