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Wii for sale

Anybody out there who wants to buy a Wii? My brother has 2 sets of Wii and he wants to sell the other one. The package includes two Wii controllers, the Wii console and Wii sports game packs. I’ve played these games and created Miis. My god the Wii is awesome. I wish I could buy it for myself but I’m getting married next month. If you are interested to buy it. Leave a comment here with your email and i will contact you. The price is 20K.

Update: The Wii is sold.



  hobbylobby wrote @

why not “give” it to your wife as a wedding gift?

  jhay wrote @

A Wii for 20k?! Very very tempting, I’ll ask my dad about it.

  fatfingur wrote @

i wish i could give it to my wife but she’s no gamer. Hey jhay think about it. I can give you a discount if you decide on it early. less 1 k. is that ok?

  Frank wrote @

Nice offer but not quite suitable for my tight assed budget. Sorry dude!!! And besides my Budget Manager (Wife) will give me a heck of a memo that will ring my ears for a week if I did buy it. lol!!! I’ll just help you to find a buyer. How’s that? Good luck on the wedding and congratulations!!! c”;)

  aWiii wrote @

a what??? some kind of blah blah!!!

my boss use to say “it’s a waste of time…”

  MAZTER wrote @

I´m interested, contact me mzenon34@hotmail.com

  mike wrote @

I’ll give you $10 down and $5 a month. Deal? Lets do lunch.

  Chawiie wrote @

I’m willing to give $50 for it. email me at cgetzen@lycos.com.

  Jon wrote @


  Jo wrote @

Is this still available? Please let me know. My husband is going overseas on deployment soon and this would be perfect.

  fatfingur wrote @

20K only. no more and no less. and it’s still available. Please leave some contact info.

  fatfingur wrote @

And also this Wii is for sale for Philippine residents only. Thanks.

  GodofWine wrote @

ako na lang bibili. 216464483.

  Gregory wrote @

I will pay 200 dollars for the wii. How can I be sure that you get the moneyand that I get the wii. If this offer is still availible please contact me at gchaimso@yahoo.com

Thank you,


  kathy wrote @

can u let me know when there are wiis in stock thank you

  Michael wrote @

Hi, Im very interested. If this is still available, please contact me within a day or to. as soon as you can. my email is japanman4ever@gmail.com

  Michael wrote @

Hi, Im very interested. If this is still available, please contact me within a day or to. as soon as you can. my email is japanman4ever@gmail.com by the way mike from jan 19th, r u poor 10 dollars down 5 a month is nothing, get a job.

  Jacob wrote @

Hey i was just wondering how much 20k is? Sounds kind of stupid, but im just a kid and i want to buy this for my dad’s birthday. Thanks!

  Leo wrote @

If this Wii is sold, you can find more at http://www.wii-for-sale.net.

  Free Wii wrote @

Check this out! This is amazing and actually works. FREE WII!!

  wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii wrote @

20k is wayyyyyyyyyyyy 2 much . is it opened? broken if u lied i will kill u u motherfucker

  yu suck wrote @

yes, of course i’ll buy it

  kevin wrote @

i will buy your wii the same day

  lydruwoxgum wrote @

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