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Nostradamus Jr at 7605 podcast!

7605, the number of our apartment sponsors a podcast that you can listen for free. Their special guest is Nostradamus Jr! You can see them live tomorrow at 6 Underground at Makati! Listen to the podcast now!

The title of the podcast is Guitar which includes a free guitar tutorial. You’ll also learn the history of guitar. What are you waiting for? Go to the podcast page and listen now!


Back to Blog With Vengeance

I think I’ve been very helpful today.

I was smoking outside Rufino Building awhile ago when a lady asked for a light. So I let her borrow my lighter to light her cigarette. Damn that felt good.

When I was riding a jeepney on my way home, a lady teacher showed me a coin and then asked me what was its value because she can’t see it in the dark. I think she needs to wear glasses. So I told her it was a five peso coin.  The five peso and ten peso coins here in the Philippines has quite the same size and feel in the dark.

Well, that was all the help I did for today. Am I very helpful or not?

Also, I’ve been working during the nights on CSS Pinoy. Haven’t finished everything yet but I’ll try to work on it tonight. Oh I also got to work on the custom header for this blog and I’ve got to upgrade Stylemo’s wordpress to the latest version.


CSS Pinoy to be launched on March 23, 2007

It’s been a hell of long time since my last post. So what’s keeping me busy? I’m cooking up something that I think Filipino CSS based designers would love.

CSS Pinoy ScreenshotI’m inviting everyone out there, bloggers or designers who truly embrace the age of new designs. CSS Pinoy is a showcase for CSS based websites crafted by the finest Filipino designers from around the globe. This is my first community project so I hope this goes well.

I’m asking for help to spread the word, first by adding a link to CSS Pinoy from your site or by simply word of mouth.

CSS Pinoy has already been featured in CSSMania, Screeanalicious and Most Inspired and to be featured in other CSS Showcase sites in the future.

Thank you and see you on the site launch!