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CSS Pinoy to be launched on March 23, 2007

It’s been a hell of long time since my last post. So what’s keeping me busy? I’m cooking up something that I think Filipino CSS based designers would love.

CSS Pinoy ScreenshotI’m inviting everyone out there, bloggers or designers who truly embrace the age of new designs. CSS Pinoy is a showcase for CSS based websites crafted by the finest Filipino designers from around the globe. This is my first community project so I hope this goes well.

I’m asking for help to spread the word, first by adding a link to CSS Pinoy from your site or by simply word of mouth.

CSS Pinoy has already been featured in CSSMania, Screeanalicious and Most Inspired and to be featured in other CSS Showcase sites in the future.

Thank you and see you on the site launch!



  jhay wrote @

Wow, cool site! I wonder if there would be some free themes available over there. When it comes to designing sites, Pinoys are amongst the best in the world. 😀

  Miko Reznor wrote @

Can’t wait for 03.27.07 😀
Good luck with this project.

  eMac wrote @

Cool! Rock on stylemo!

  XYRYX wrote @

hmmm site validity issues are a must… anyways link ex? you can also visit my blog as i’ve submitted it to csspinoy already…

  Euri wrote @

Cool! ^.^

  lose weight wrote @

Thanks pal. Not bad blog you got here. Got some more links to point to which have a bit more info?

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