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I think I’ve been very helpful today.

I was smoking outside Rufino Building awhile ago when a lady asked for a light. So I let her borrow my lighter to light her cigarette. Damn that felt good.

When I was riding a jeepney on my way home, a lady teacher showed me a coin and then asked me what was its value because she can’t see it in the dark. I think she needs to wear glasses. So I told her it was a five peso coin.  The five peso and ten peso coins here in the Philippines has quite the same size and feel in the dark.

Well, that was all the help I did for today. Am I very helpful or not?

Also, I’ve been working during the nights on CSS Pinoy. Haven’t finished everything yet but I’ll try to work on it tonight. Oh I also got to work on the custom header for this blog and I’ve got to upgrade Stylemo’s wordpress to the latest version.




  Philippine Coins and Banknotes wrote @

You can differentiate the 5 peso coin from the 10 peso coin by feeling its edges. The 5 peso coin’s edge is plain while the 10 peso coin’s edge is intermittently reeded.

Notice the coins from1 centavo to 5 pesos alternate a plain and reeded edge. This is to help us differentiate them on top of their difference in sizes.

  Senealaype wrote @

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