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Maybe you noticed the new look of this blog

Is it your first time here? If not, I’m sure you’ve noticed the new cool look of my blog. yeah I changed the layout and added a custom header. I’ve been doing vectors lately and yeah, I made the whole header thing on Adobe Illustrator CS2. I’ve been vectorizing faces since last week and a lot of people, mostly my friends at Yahoo. They want a vectorized face and they’re like demanding it like it was so easy to do. Well it ain’t easy like you think. It’s not like a filter in Photoshop. It’s more complicated.

If you want a vectorized face just contact me and I’ll do it for you for free but don’t be so demanding coz it’s free already.

Here are samples. Enjoy the Scanner Darkly Effect brought to you by Stylemo. That’s me!

Mark’s Avatar


Ken’s Avatar




  Miko Reznor wrote @

Hello! Ako. Gusto ko magpa-vector, please. Gusto ko yung nasa background si Jesus. Hehehehe.

  madshock wrote @

ayus, nice vector 😀

  fatfingur wrote @

Miko send mo na lang photo mo. bakit may Jesus sa background?

  Back to where I came from « fatfinguR wrote @

[…] I miss my hometown. It’s been almost a year since I last visited our old house on the top  of the hill. I miss my old dirty and messy room. I miss my old PC. And yeah, it’s hard to admit, but I miss my family.  It’s holy week and well, on Saturday the beach will be filled with lots of people but I won’t be joining them. I’m sure the beaches will be dirty again. I’m just gonna stay at home and try to finish my newly acquired PSP game, Prince of Persia: Rival Swords. I have written a beginners review about it on the newly re-themed Stylemo. Check out the screenshots. I also have other stuffs to finish too. Like the kavatars, yeah that’s what I call those avatars you can see on my recent post. […]

  HelloWorld wrote @

Peace people

We love you

  selzki wrote @

Wow new look! Gleng gleng 😀 Ive-vector mo nga ba si Monica?

  fatfingur wrote @

Yup. pero hanggang ngayon di ko pa tapos. Cencya na dami kasi work. Musta?

  olrakz wrote @

astig ka pareng onids! turuan mko pano gawa nyan!

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