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Man: The Destroyer

Man destroys earth

I’ve observed since I was young that each and everyone is a destroyer. I’m not insane or anything it’s just that I’ve seen people build and destroy things. A smoker perhaps doesn’t know that he’s destroying his lungs and killing himself and the people around him too. Loggers who cut trees and abuse our natural resources are destroyers and killers too. People kill animals for food. Factory dump their wastes on our rivers thus destroying them and making them uninhabitable. So what’s my point here?

The earth is dying and thanks to us. We’re all part of it. We don’t realize it but the sad truth is that you and I contribute to the earth’s demise. And who gets affected? Not the trees nor the rivers but we, the people. We’re killing the earth. Yesterday was Earth Day but there’s nothing we did to celebrate it. We just made it suffer more. And I think no one even remembered our planet’s holiday.



  jhay wrote @

We may be an agent of destruction we can also rebuild. I just hope people would realize this sooner than later.

  John wrote @

You shoud check out this band Man the Destroyer.Thats exactly what they write about. I left the website for them but here it is again http://www.manthedestroyer.com

  fatfingur wrote @

Hey john! Cool band! Wow. I’m checking it out and listening to it.

  Chris wrote @

Hey guys, I also checked out this band and are great. In the song “Man” they really hit it on the nail as to how we are destroying everything. I recomend everyone to check this band out, http://www.manthedestroyer.com

till another day

Chris the “main man”

  mick wrote @

hey guys

This is mick the drummer of MAN THE DESTROYER i just came across this website and was blown away by what you guys said about digging our music and message esp in the song “MAN” .Could you drop us a line at the above email and tell us a bit more about yourselves,maybe we could do a show together or something of that nature.
Take care and we look forward to to hearing from you soon


  mick wrote @

heres the contact email

thanx again guys

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