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Eyescream: Memories at 7605


Eyescream, a loud emo band from Nueva Ecija is recently staying at 7605. Yeah 7605, our little apartment here in Mandaluyong. If you haven’t heard of this band yet, well, they’re a band from Nueva Ecija who just released an album entitled  a few months ago. They’re here in Manila to promote their album and of course play a few gigs. Tonight, they’ll be playing at Saguijo and I’ll be seeing them later together with the rest of the past Muziklaban winners.

Me and my housemate Monmon had a little interview on these guys. You can listen to the podcast if you ‘re interested. Well they were drunk doing this. You can hear me play pip’s guitar on the background.



  neil wrote @

hanep! sa inyo pala sila tumutuloy! inuman na engineer monmon! galing ka na siguro! panis na ang lahat..ano bagong raket? nga pla nadownload ko na bago album ng silverstein! galing!

  fatfingur wrote @

sa July 3 pa ata yung Silverstein album a. hehehe

  neil wrote @

meron na ako! hahaha…arrivals and departures..nadownload ko na

  neil wrote @

marunong ka ng bittorrent diba? download mo sa torrentbox.com…meron na sila!

  czarina wrote @

weeeeee…keep it up!

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