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Coolmo on Stylemo

What the hell is Coolmo? Well it’s the title of my newest theme for my official website, Stylemo. Go on and check it out right now because I went A.W.O.L. because of this site. I took the color scheme from this blog which I got the idea from switching palettes on Adobe Illustrator. Coolmo! I’d be releasing some theme like this in the future.



Signs of Death

I know of someone who just died yesterday. Last week they (the people closest to him) said that he started to see beings from the other side. When I heard that I knew that it wasn’t long before he dies. I think I saw this movie about the paranormal that when a person who doesn’t normally have a third eye starts to see beings from the other side, they say his death is near. Yesterday when it happened I really got the chills. I hope his soul rests in peace though.


I was already late for work yesterday so I decided to ride a taxi to go to work. When I arrived at the building, the taxi driver is asking me for a tip. These damn taxi drivers. Ang kakapal ng mukha.

I have another unfinished vector art on the works and this time it’s my office buddy.  He’s a php programmer and I won’t mention his name. This vector is still on it’s alpha stage which means it’s still 20% done. Well enjoy.

If you want a vector artwork of yourself just email me your photo: fatfingur@gmail.com

Vector Alpha