untold stories from a slacker

Signs of Death

I know of someone who just died yesterday. Last week they (the people closest to him) said that he started to see beings from the other side. When I heard that I knew that it wasn’t long before he dies. I think I saw this movie about the paranormal that when a person who doesn’t normally have a third eye starts to see beings from the other side, they say his death is near. Yesterday when it happened I really got the chills. I hope his soul rests in peace though.



  Euri wrote @

I do not particularly believe that you can “see” beings. Then again, it might just be their hallucination over sadness.

  fatfingur wrote @

Wait till you pass a near death experience. 🙂

  Zaiaku wrote @

It would definitely be a learning experience and your mind may go through things but don’t think you could actually see people either. Although wouldn’t mind it.

  Euri wrote @

That sounds like Harry Potter.

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