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Rip-Offs: An Infectious Bad Habit

Rounin’s logo is a rip-off

I know I should have blogged this long ago but hey, it’s never too late.

Has anyone seen Rounin? It’s an ABS-CBN show which they call a tele-epiko (where do they get those weird names) that ended a month ago, I think. I saw it on TV a month ago and I noticed something fishy about the logo. As a comic book fan, I’m really familiar with the logos of comic book titles. I noticed the R on Rounin as somewhat identical to one of the comics I saw while I was in highschool. It looks like the logo of Shaman’s Tears, an Image comic release. You can see the similarity on this photo that I’ve put up. Well, it’s for you to judge.

This may not be new among Filipinos, but ripping off logos ,titles and movies has become a very bad habit of Filipinos. I always read on articles, blogs, newspapers that the Filipino is globally competitive but is it really true? Well, I really believe that there are really good Filipino designers out there, but aren’t really recognized. Are Filipino’s incapable of creating a unique concept? I think not. The problem is the Filipino is afraid to try something different. That’s why he rips off.

But then again there are still those who stay true to themselves. those are the true Filipino designers. I hate rip-offs.


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  Joni wrote @

Hala onga noh, rip-off nga. hehehe..

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