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Let’s Wreak Havoc with My Palmsize Helicopter

I have a new toy. It’s the Palmsize Havoc Helicopter I got from ThinkGeek. Thanks to Justin for the shipping and handling.

So what is this toy all about? It’s an amazingly small helicopter that flies up and down and it keeps moving forward. You control the hover height and right or left turns. I haven’t tried it out yet but I am going to later. So right now I’m going for a lunch break then buy my toy some batteries and voila. Pure geek fun inside the office. Slackin around again!



  hosu wrote @

can it fly nachos to northern luzon? can it help on releif projects in basilan? gotta get me one of those!

  fatfingur wrote @

no it can’t fly nachos nor send relief goods in basilan but it can kill your boredom. I’ve already bought the batteries. All I have to do now is to enroll in Helicopter Piloting class…

[…] 4000. Cool name eh? Yeah it is. The problem right now is, I’m broke. After paying for that havoc-wreaking palmsize helicopter and buying this one, I’ve only got a few hundred bucks in my pocket. And worse thing is, my […]

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