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BAd Congress

Tomorrow I’ll be going to the Ad Congress at Subic. I don’t know what the hell I’ll be doing there. Maybe I’ll just sit there and watch the people talk or should I be learning something new? Well I really have no idea.

The Ad Congress started on Wednesday and I know I missed the fun already. But what the hell, going there is not part of my plan anyway. I’m going there because my bosses told me so. I’m going there because I don’t want to stay at the office for work. I know I’m not gonna have some fun but what the heck, I’ll be bringing my PSP with me to keep me company.

I’m wondering if there will be any congressmans there. See ya.


Heroes Season 2 Episode 9

Heto yung chat history namin ng kuya ko habang pinapanood at kinukwento nya yung episode 9 ng Heroes Season 2. This is a spoiler so please don’t read kung ayaw mo ng spoiler. Some text has been modified.

rard: di pa pareee
rard: hot ka mashadow
rard: pero 100% na hehehe
rard: ketnas na
fatfingur: ketnam
rard: kwento ko na
rard: hiro your father, he’sdead
rard: chapter 9 cautionary tales
fatfingur: ketnam
rard: ketnana
rard: burial ng tatay ni hiro
rard: andun siya
rard: tumayo
rard: nagsalita
rard: nagisip
rard: umalis sa harap
rard: lumayo
fatfingur: sino, yung tatay ni hiro?
rard: pinuntahan ni ando
rard: oo
fatfingur: buhay tatay ni hiro?
rard: its all my fault [sabi ng tatay ni hiro]
rard: hindi pa patay
rard: i must go back in time
rard: kunana
fatfingur: ketnana
rard: pumikit siya
rard: napunta one week ago
fatfingur: tapos
rard: napunta siya sa scene na kausap ng taty niya yung nanak ni peter
rard: change scene
fatfingur: pasend nga ng torrent file dito
rard: molly at matt
rard: sinend ko na kanina
rard: punta ka sa http://www.eztv.it
rard: http://www.eztv.it
rard: nasa first page
fatfingur: may error yung site nila e
fatfingur: ketnana
rard: wala
fatfingur: send mo yung torrent file
rard: wala na
fatfingur: ok
rard: naclose ko na
rard: forward ako dun sa scene ni hiro
fatfingur: ok
rard: tignan ko kung nasave niya
fatfingur: ketnana
rard: kauspa niya tatay niya
rard: yo’ve returned
fatfingur: ketnana
rard: kinwento nya
fatfingur: tapos?
fatfingur: hinayaan nya mamatay?
rard: hindi kausap niya
rard: you are going to die tonight
fatfingur: sinabi
fatfingur: ketnana
rard: ayaw magpasave ng tatay niya
rard: fate daw yun
fatfingur: cyampre a
rard: we have the power of the gods
fatfingur: tapos
rard: but that does not mean we can play god
rard: kunana
fatfingur: ketnana
rard: sinave niya rin
rard: pumikit siya. nawala sila
fatfingur: saan na sila?
rard: dinala niya 17 yrs ago
rard: nung namatay nanay ni hiro
fatfingur: ketnas
rard: para daw maunderstand ng tatay niya yung pain
fatfingur: tapos
rard: you cannot die sabi ni hiro
rard: you foolish boy sabi ni tatay
rard: nameet ni hiro yung sarili niya na bata pa
rard: may hawak siyang sword
rard: hehehe
fatfingur: hehehe tapos
rard: teka
rard: nagusap sila ng younger hiro
rard: we cannot play god sabi niya
rard: listen to you father
rard: and learn lessons kunana
fatfingur: hehehe
rard: you were right father
rard: im being childish sorry
rard: ill take you back
rard: nagpay respects sila sa nanay niya
rard: end of scene
fatfingur: ketnana
fatfingur: mamamatay ah talaga
rard: bumalik na sila sa time na namatay tatay niya
rard: nag goodbye na sila
fatfingur: ano power ng tatay niya?
rard: im proud of you son
rard: umiyak sila pareho
fatfingur: ketnas
rard: goodbye father
fatfingur: dramatic ah ngarud
rard: plese give my love to mother
rard: bow to each other
fatfingur: iyak ka na a paree ketnas
rard: tapos pumikit siya
fatfingur: tapos san napunta?
rard: tapos naghintay na si tatay niya na mamatay
rard: tapos andun na yng kamay nung pumatay
rard: si hooded man
fatfingur: sino si hooded man?
rard: si adam ang pumatay
rard: inistop ni hero yung time
fatfingur: tiningnan nya?
fatfingur: ketnana
fatfingur: nagulat cya?
rard: i cant save him sabi ni hiro sa frozen ando
rard: you were right ando
fatfingur: ketnana
rard: but i can learn who killed him
rard: sinilip niya
rard: nakita niya si kensei
fatfingur: si adam nga?
rard: ketnana
fatfingur: ketnana
rard: oo
fatfingur: shet
rard: nagulat siya
rard: it cant be
rard: kunana
rard: end of scene
fatfingur: ahketnas. ano pa paree?
rard: balik si sementeryo
rard: nagsalita si hiro
rard: nagspeech siya
rard: he will never die
rard: he taught me to understand
rard: god has given us the gift of choice
fatfingur: ketnana
rard: victoria pratt
rard: sino yun
fatfingur: kakaiyak ah pare
fatfingur: sino yun?
rard: di ko alam
rard: patay na si HRG man
rard: pinatay ni mohinder
rard: ay hindi pala patay
fatfingur: ketnana
rard: nasa hospital
rard: nagheal
rard: ketnana
rard: walang mata
rard: tumubo yung mata niya
rard: ahketnas
rard: the end
rard: next episode na
rard: shet pareeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
fatfingur: tumubo mata ni?
fatfingur: ibang scene?
rard: HRG
fatfingur: tumubo?
rard: oo
fatfingur: paanong tumubo may power cya?
fatfingur: ketnana
fatfingur: paano yung scene ni Claire at Elle?
rard: basta
rard: panoorin mo
fatfingur: kwento mo na. di ko mapapanood kasi uwi ako ng pampanga ngayon eh
rard: binaril ni mohinder mata ng tatay ni claire
fatfingur: tapos di namatay si HRG?
rard: tapos nung nasa hospital, sinalinan siya ng dugo
fatfingur: nagregenerate yung mata ni HRG using Claire’s blood tapos maiiba yung pananaw ni HRG sa powers ni Claire
fatfingur: ketnana
rard: nung pumatak yung dugo sa tube, biglang nagstart maregenerate mata niya
rard: tapos na
rard: [panoorin mo na lang]
rard: ketnana
rard: hindi galing kay claire yung dugo
fatfingur: kwento mo kung anong nangyari kay Peter
rard: itinakas ni west si claire
fatfingur: kanino galing yung dugo?
rard: di ko alam
rard: wala si peter sa scene
fatfingur: kay Adam siguro
rard: hehehe
rard: ketnas
fatfingur: anong nangyari kay Peter?
rard: walang scene si peter
fatfingur: si Adam meron?
fatfingur: bitin naman yan
fatfingur: si Claire at Elle?
rard: si adam dun lang nung pinatay niya tatay ni hiro
rard: this cannot be sabi ni hiro
fatfingur: ok paree

Ketnana means Tangina.

Free WiFi along EDSA

As always, I woke up late this morning. I woke up my laptop from sleep and checked my emails. As usual, I got emails from my clients. I replied to each one of them and after that I took a shower, fixed myself and I was ready to go to work.

I was running a bit late so I hailed a taxi. I took my PSP, turned it on and tried to fight my way through some boxer in Fight Night Round 3. I got knocked out so I quit the game. I opened the Wifi Sniffer application on my PSP and I discovered a lot of wifi hot spots along EDSA. I noticed one wifi connection that was always there. From Boni to Buendia only one wifi connection was always present. This connection’s SSID name is seichetunnel.com. Believe me the signal is strong. The maximum speed was I think 54 Mbps.

When I got at the office, I immediately pointed my browser to seichitunnel.com and there I saw it. It was confirmed. Free Wifi along EDSA. I don’t know how long this connection is gonna be free but from the looks of it I think it’s another prepaid WiFi like Accesszone which you can find on malls.

I told my brother about it and told me it’s gonna be a paid WiFi. Here are the rates. Seiche Wi-Fi Light plan for P200 (one user account with five hours of usage within the coverage area; expires within 30 days); Seiche Moderate 10 for P350 (10 hours of usage, good for 60 days); and Seiche Wi-Fi Unlimited for P850 (unlimited usage for one month).

So while it’s still free, let’s make the best out of it.

Life Remix.

Independence, a thing that sure is hard to achieve. Too much independence will burn you out, and lack of independence will kill you. You have to have the right amount of independence. But that all depends on the people around you. Some will find it hard to let go and treat you as a kid. Independence really depends on how people treat you. Some people think you don’t know what you are doing. Actually you’re just playing dumb. This stuff called life is really hard to mix. Shit.