untold stories from a slacker

Life Remix.

Independence, a thing that sure is hard to achieve. Too much independence will burn you out, and lack of independence will kill you. You have to have the right amount of independence. But that all depends on the people around you. Some will find it hard to let go and treat you as a kid. Independence really depends on how people treat you. Some people think you don’t know what you are doing. Actually you’re just playing dumb. This stuff called life is really hard to mix. Shit.



  Euri wrote @

and lack of independence will kill you.

Yes, and it’s being too much to handle already. 😦

  Euri wrote @

BTW, papalit naman ng title ng blog, it’s “Tainted Soul” now.


  fotl wrote @

you know? yes opkors. by the way, ok.

  fatfingur wrote @

Hosu! you’re alive!
Alive, alive, alive (sing while doing the “raise the roof” dance step)

  trebdesign wrote @

yeah! ofkors yes! independence…what is that?

  fatfingur wrote @

wassup roberto?

  trebdesign wrote @

rupert, wazzup onid. pashot ka ngaun december, uwi ka d2 sa atin. miss na kita pare sobra. cguro payat payat mo na ngaun. Nidugat Boy! Ulk Pwe!

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